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iSequenceCondition Struct Reference

A sequence condition. More...

#include <ivaria/sequence.h>

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virtual bool Condition (csTicks dt, iBase *params)=0
 Do the condition.

Detailed Description

A sequence condition.

This is also a callback to the application. This condition returns true on success.

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Definition at line 71 of file sequence.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool iSequenceCondition::Condition ( csTicks  dt,
iBase params 
) [pure virtual]

Do the condition.

The dt parameter is the difference between the time the sequence manager is at now and the time this condition was supposed to be called. If this is 0 then the condition is called at the right time. If this is 1000 (for example) then the condition was called one second late. This latency can happen because the sequence manager only kicks in every frame and frame rate can be low.

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