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1  Associate Projects / CEL Discussion / checking if CEL SDK is usable... no on: February 07, 2009, 09:44:26 pm
NO, what do you mean no!

Hi, (first post)

I'm running linux (FC10) and took the easy option and used yum to install crystalspace. Over the past couple of days i've read most of the documentation and compiled the examples and tutorials that i've found.

Tonight I decided to move on and do some research. When looking into 3rd person cameras and the such it became apparent that using CEL is the way to go. So i've read a fair bit of cel's doc's and dived into the tutorial.

After realising that I had to say yes to the last question on the '' (too obvious!), I then got the following error whilst running './configure'.

checking for cs-config-1.1... no
checking for cs-config-1.2... /usr/bin/cs-config-1.2
checking if Crystal Space version >= 1.1... yes (version 1.2.1)
checking if Crystal Space SDK is usable... yes
checking for cel-config-1.... no
checking for cel-config-1.2... /usr/bin/cel-config-1.2
checking if CEL version >= 1.1... yes (version 1.2)
checking if CEL SDK is usable... no
configure: error:
*** CEL could not be found or was unusable. The latest version is always
*** available from

Knowing i'd read something about environment variables somewhere I did a quick search here and tried the following two sets:

export CRYSTAL=/usr/lib/crystalspace-1.2
export CEL=/usr/lib/cel-1.2
export CRYSTAL=/etc/crystalspace-1.2
export CEL=/etc/cel-1.2
export CRYSTAL=/usr/share/crystalspace-1.2
export CEL=/usr/share/cel-1.2/
(obviously amending path between attempts)

However i'm still experiencing the same as before, so I you once again...
NO, what do you mean no!

Yep, there's probably a very simple answer for this, so cheers!

I've also had a play with setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH to all the cs paths above...
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