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1  Associate Projects / CEL Discussion / Interest In AI Plugins? on: March 14, 2009, 12:19:15 pm
Hey CEL-Fans and Developers,
I am interested in writing some AI plugins for CEL, but would like to gauge the interest in such development. This is something I intend to pursue alone, but thought if I am going to make it anyway I should make it in a form that would be useful to the community as a whole. Currently it seems to me that CEL only includes neural networks, is this correct? Are there any other AI plugins that I have missed?

Neural networks are great at generalising problems, but they are often weaker then specific algorithms for the problems encountered. For example a neural network can be trained to perform path finding, but A* will reliably produce more optimal solutions. Therefore I propose that to begin with I would like to work on:

- A*
- Steering
- Finite State Machine

Each of these can be basic tools can be combined to form some complex and interesting AIs. They are also tools I am led to believe are currently used a lot in industry. I do have intentions to extend each, once the basic implementation is complete. Specifically I would like to expand the basic A* to a hierarchial A* algorithm that has been proven to be more appropriate in game environments and I would like to eventually move beyond the finite state machine to the more expressive behaviour trees.

So my questions are:

1) Is there community interest in these features becoming available?
2) Does anyone have any suggestions for other AI plugins they would like?
3) Can Jorrit or anyone else involved please explain why the GSoC 2007 AI project never made it into the CEL source?

Thank you for your time,
2  Crystal Space Development / General Crystal Space Discussion / Google SoC 2009: An Introduction and AI Query on: February 20, 2009, 01:09:21 am
Hello Crystal Space Community,
My name is Sam Devlin and I am a fifth year MEng Computer Systems and Software Engineering student with industrial experience about to complete my undergraduate study and beginning my postgraduate PhD this October coming. I am currently exploring my options with regard to work this summer and am very keen to participate in the Google Summer of Code.

I found Crystal Space through this background research and whilst I have not been an active member of the community to this date, I am very impressed with your product and would like to now become more involved. Therefore, my main query is, are you as a former mentoring organisation intending to participate in the summer of code again this year?

My second query is with regard to the artificial intelligence module that appears to have received some work in the SoC2007. Was this project completed and integrated with Crystal Space? If so where can I find this code in the distributed source? I have scanned through the files available at but the celGraph file does not appear in the CEL API reference.

I appreciate the time anyone can give to my queries and look forward to exploring the project more thoroughly.
Kind Regards, Sam
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