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121  Associate Projects / CEL Discussion / Re: pcdefaultcamera bug? on: August 12, 2005, 09:37:20 pm
Any ideas at all?  This is really getting me down.  I see planeshift was able to do it, but they created their own camera.  Jorrit do you have any idea why this is happeniung?  I have been searching over CEL and have found no answers in code to why MoveYaw is only temporary.  Thanks.
122  Associate Projects / CEL Discussion / pcdefaultcamera bug? on: August 11, 2005, 06:24:08 pm
I am having difficulty moving the Yaw of my pcdefaultcamera.  It seems, from my debugging, that the yaw is being changed bymy code, then reset after every change, so I don't see any change on screen.  I can move the pitch fine.  I found someone else with the same problem:

Also bear in mind the CEL makes this kind of free mouselook *very* easy - so it might be worth leveraging CEL for it. Camera operations are a lot more (at least from my twisted geometrical viewpoint) sensical in CEL.

please tell me how mouselook'ing is done with CEL, I've been trying to achieve that for a while and I couldn't get anywhere.
I tried using pcdefcamera->MoveYaw() but it doesn't move at all (even using SetYaw()). I don't know why but when I read GetYaw() I get a value (let's call it 'A'), then I set it (to 'B'), I read the value again and it is set to 'B', but in the next mouse movement (before doing SetYaw()) I read using GetYaw() again and I get 'A'. Or this is a bug, or I'm doing something wrong.
Second option was to use pcactormove->RotateTo(), but this has problems (if I move the mouse too fast it starts to rotate in the oposite direction it was rotating).
I seem to have problems only with Yaw, I can do the pitch movement with MovePitch().
Anyhow, using MovePitch() I sense a delay (an acceleration and a deacceleration at the beggining and at the end of the movement respectively). I'd wish that there was any way to just set
the value of pitch and yaw using CEL (I don't wan't to get into transformations and that). I would like to be able to code a freelook movement that behaves just like in any other FPS game.
thanx in advance
I hope you read this

If I could use iPcCommandInput to capture mouse events I would try that too, but I don't know what to pass to pcinput->Bind() to get those axis events.  Is the above a bug, or desired behavior?  And if so, how could I get around this to make a mouse look?

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