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1  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: Build simple application on: March 19, 2006, 01:08:34 pm
You must install autoconf and automake seperatelly from the mingw site. They are not standard included.


Sorry for my late response, had problems with my computer's hardware... I installed them with the msysDTK-xxx.exe and it worked fine. This can be added to the documentation as well.

2  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: Build simple application on: March 07, 2006, 08:59:57 pm
bfd@halflife:~/csApp/erd/erd-v0.01$ ls
AppErd.cfg    configure  map  msvc    src       vfs.cfg  config-msvc.h  Jamrules    mk   README

well... there seems to be aproblem there as I only have:

v@V-1 /c/cs/test/simple2
$ ls  README      config-msvc.h  mk    src
Jamrules   msvc

/test is my directory for my CS test and simple2 the short name of the app.

I run the script again and here is what I got:


v@V-1 /c/cs/test
$ CRYSTAL=/c/cs/cs

v@V-1 /c/cs/test
$ export CRYSTAL

v@V-1 /c/cs/test
$ echo $CRYSTAL

v@V-1 /c/cs/test
$ /c/cs/cs/scripts/jamtemplate/
Crystal Space External Project Template Creation

This script will generate a basic Crystal Space project for you, complete with
configuration (Autoconf) and build system (Jam).  The project will be created
in a subdirectory of the current directory.  You can abort the script at any
time by typing Ctrl-C.

**** Project
Choose a project name.  We need a short form of the name for use in directory
and file names.  The short name should be lowercase (though not strictly
required) and must not contain any special characters or spaces.  We also need
a long name for use in help messages and the README file.  For example, if you
project is called "Space Fighters - Revenge for Ducky", then you may want to
choose a short name "spacefighters", and a long name "Space Fighters - Revenge
for Ducky".  You may also provide an address for the project's home page.
Please specify a complete URI.  For example:

Short name: simple3
Long name: the 3rd simple
Version: .1
Home page URI: www

**** Contact
The information about the author is mentioned in the README file and in the
configuration script so that people see a support address when they invoke
"./configure --help".  When asked for the copyright information, type the full
copyright notice as you wish it to appear in the generated files. For instance:
Copyright (C)2005 by Duffer McFluffer

Author: vag
Copyright: no

**** License
The meta-information which describes a plugin module can be embedded directly
into the plugin itself on some platforms or laid down alongside the plugin in a
separate *.csplugin file. On Unix, embedding is accomplished with the
GPL-licensed libbfd library, which can be used legally with projects carrying a
GPL or GPL-compatible license. If your project is not compatible with GPL, then
embedding via libbfd should be disabled by default on Unix to prevent libbfd's
GPL license from infecting your project. Your response to this question
controls the default embedding setting on Unix (though the end-user can
override the default with the configure script's --enable-meta-info-embedding
option). If you are unsure of the answer, then respond "no".

GPL-compatible? [no] no

**** Dependencies
The Crystal Entity Layer (CEL) is a set of classes and modules which layer
game-oriented facilities atop Crystal Space. (
The Autoconf configuration script and Jam build system can be set up to work
with CEL if your project will utilize this SDK.

Utilize CEL? [no] no

*Creating project: simple3
*Running: autoheader autoconf
./ autoheader: command not found

*Generation successful.

You should now examine the generated project and customize it as needed.  In
particular, the files README, appsimple3.cpp, and appsimple3.h will
require modification. Also consult "./configure --help" and "jam help" (after
configuring the project) to learn about your project's build-system

Have fun with Crystal Space.


I hadn't notice the error as it said generation succesfull. There seems to be missing autoheader (of Autoconf ?).

I think (I did it some time ago and I found this from the exe files I have) I have MinGW-3.1.0-1 and MSYS-1.0.10
When I do
$ gcc -v
Reading specs from c:/cs/mingw/bin/../lib/gcc-lib/mingw32/3.2.3/specs
Configured with: ../gcc/configure --with-gcc --with-gnu-ld --with-gnu-as --host=mingw32 --target=mingw32 --prefix=/mingw --enable-threads --disable-nls --enable-languages=c++,f77,objc --disable-win32-registry --disable-shared --enable-sjlj-exceptions
Thread model: win32
gcc version 3.2.3 (mingw special 20030504-1)

But I don't how the above helps

3  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: Build simple application on: March 07, 2006, 12:23:04 pm

If your simple.cpp have the main function implemented, just erase all files generated by and put your source file in the place, and type jam in the previous directory. (Don't forget to run ./configure before...).

well that's one of my problems. I can't find a configure file to excecute it, anywhere in the directory generated from . Should I create it myself?

And what about jam itself? I guess I should run jam from /simple not from /simple/src

Compile it all and test... This shall work...

Thats' what I am trying to find out Smiley how to compile the project.

I have compliled myself other programs on Win and linux in the past, so I have a bit of experience but...
4  Crystal Space Development / Support / Build simple application on: March 06, 2006, 08:08:26 pm

I have WinXP and using MinGW/Msys. I have built CS with jam and the demos work fine.
I am trying to build the a simple application, like the one in Simple Header File. I follow the steps described in 4.21.1 Creating an External Crystal Space Application in order to build it. For the CRYSTAL environment variable I use the dir where I have built in CS .

Lets say that I have simple.h, simple.cpp.  I run If I give my project the title 'simple' a directory named 'simple' is going to be created. Could you give me some directions on how to continue from there?
For example, In /src there the generated files simple.h, main.cpp, appsimple.cpp, appsimple.h. I guess my simple.h should replace the generated simple.h and my simple.cpp should be divided in the main.cpp and appsimple.cpp.
Moreover how am I actually going to build this jam project?

I have asked about this in the irc channel too, a couple of days ago but I couldn't stay in for long Sad

Thanks in advance
5  Crystal Space Development / General Crystal Space Discussion / Re: Making Crystal Space Easier: Tutorials, documents, wiki, demos on: February 04, 2006, 01:03:25 pm
I think it would help dramatically if there were CS "wizards", like the "MFC App Wizard" in MSVC. I say this because it took me a few weeks to understand CS enough to make my first app, but using ogre (notice: i didn't capitalize that on purpose) it took me only a few days via its MSVC Wizard.

I think that the people which are going to use CS to really develop a game/app are not going to be discouraged by the lack of Wizards. However, I haven't used these wizards you say, so I can't say for sure..

The lack of more demos and step by step demos is what makes the learning curve harder to follow. I think that in order to make CS easier, that's on what the efforts should be concentrated.

I pesronally haven't used CS much, but with a couple of fellow students we are planning to create a simple game for the next semester. When that finishes we would gladly share the application and write some kind of tutorial for the demo app.
6  Crystal Space Development / General Crystal Space Discussion / Re: Crystal space and Fuel on: September 03, 2005, 11:14:39 am
oups my mistake. Both seem arcade - vehicle racing... got confused
7  Crystal Space Development / General Crystal Space Discussion / Crystal space and Fuel on: September 03, 2005, 07:21:21 am
  From what I've read in the CS site Fuel game is made with CS and CEL. In their site theri is a ppt presentation about the architecture of Fuel  . I checked it in order to see how CS is used by a commercial and promising game.
  But neither CS or CEL where mentioned anywhere in the presentation. In fact in the intro it says that the 9 primary technologies developed where: Landscape engine, Quadtrees, Physics system, Menu system, Graphics, Sound / Surface, AI, Water system, Shrub system. And then the presentation presents each one of them.

  So my two questions are these: are CS and Fuel related and how?
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