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1  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: java scripting plugin on: February 11, 2010, 01:52:34 pm
Running "jam csjava" builds crystalspace.jar and under out/linuxx86/optimize/plugins/cscript/csjava under the build directory, and both are installed under $CRYSTAL/bindings/java when I run "make install".

The CRYSTAL environment variable is set correctly, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH and CLASSPATH are also set properly (i.e. the java test program both compiles and runs correctly).

Unfortunately, I can't give the name of the java plugin to the plugin system in order to invoke it properly in a test application. "csjava" doesn't work, nor does" (as per the python plugin example). I've tried different variations, but nothing obvious has worked.

The plugin system documentation says that all plugins require a .csplugin file associated with it, and that the .csplugin file supplies the name of the plugin (i.e. "crystalspace.scrypt.python", etc) and the python and perl5 plugins each have one, but the java plugin seems to be missing, so I can't determine the name to supply to the plugin system. As i said before, I've tried creating my own .csplugin file, but it doesn't seem to have any effect. I'm wondering it that's a part of the problem, or if the java plugin is intended to be used in a different manner?
2  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: java scripting plugin on: February 10, 2010, 01:54:30 am

  I don't think you can use the Java bindings that way (from C++), but I may be mistaken since I don't really know iScript.
AFAIK it's only meant to use CS from pure Java programs.

Yes, I've read the manual several times and it certainly appeares to indicate that CS should be called from Java and not the other way around. However, I've also taken a look through the csjava.cpp code and it appeares to use JNI to call the JVM interpreter to run java code, so in theory, it should be able to be used as an iSCRIPT interpreter.

But, without even having a name for the plugin in order to load it, I can't test that theory.

It would be nice to have a java scripting plugin, since I can't program in Python and have been programming in Java and C++ for years. I suppose I could work on the Lua plugin tutorial (not that I know Lua any better than I know Python), and, of course, there's always the ever-faithful yacc/lex solution.
3  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: A small CEGUI problem on: February 10, 2010, 01:18:07 am
Thanks for the reply.

Although I don't believe the problem is a bug (more like an undocumented feature), and more of a problem for CEGUI than CS.
I was just wondering if anyone else had come across this problem and had solved it.
I've been trying to post the problem on the CEGUI forums, but have been unable to create an account there.
I'll try to create a bug ticket as you suggest and see what happens, although it may be a low priority.

Again, thanks.
4  Crystal Space Development / Support / java scripting plugin on: January 22, 2010, 08:26:53 am
Hi guys and gals!

Does anyone know how to register the java script plugin?

I'm trying to get scripting with java working since my CS(1.2.1) won't compile with either python or perl5 (even though they are both found by configure... (another problem with swig!), otherwise I'd be using either of those and poking around in the pysimp example.

I can get crystalspace.jar and built fine and installed in the right places, I have all the environment variables set up in order for CS to find them, and my code compiles cleanly, but when my code executes:

        csRef<iScript> java = csQueryRegistryOrLoad<iScript>( obj_reg, "" );

I get the following message:

  could not load plugin ''
crystalspace.plugin.query:  Couldn't load plugin with class ''!

I've tried looking through the CS code including csjava.cpp and the swig *.i files, but couldn't find anything that refers to the java script plugin name. I've also read the manual entries for creating and using plugins, but no joy there either. The manual said that plugins require a *.csplugin file, but I couldn't find one in the java script subdirectory (as there is in both the python and perl5 subdirectories). I tried recreating one using the python.csplugin as a guide, but that didn't work.

I'd really like to get this working, otherwise I'm going to have to use jni, and much as I like a challenge (my sanity takes a priority), I would rather keep the solution within the CS framework.

Thanks in advance for any help...
5  Crystal Space Development / Support / A small CEGUI problem on: January 06, 2010, 11:12:35 am

I've been working on CEGUI menus and splash screens for a small FSP test project in crystal space and have managed fairly well until I tried a first time system install. So far I've been testing in the development directory, and everything works perfectly.

When I tried a system test, i.e. "configure --prefix=/usr/local", and run from /usr/local/bin, the program crashes trying to create the CEGUI.log file in the /usr/local/bin directory. Even when I use setLogFilename to redirect it, the CEGUI logger still tries to create the logfile in /usr/local/bin, then opens the new logfile where I've redirected it.

Has anybody had the same or similar problem, and if so, how did you manage to redirect the CEGUI Logger before initializing it?

I don't really have any problem developing for a user-space game, but eventually, I'd like to work on a networked multi-user client/server game, and redirecting the logger will be very important at that point.

Any hints/tips/solves are greatly appreciated in advance.

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