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1  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / Re: MSVisio into a 3D Enviroment IDEA - A basic question... on: October 08, 2005, 03:40:12 pm
Yep, you got it, thats basically how i have it in mind....
2  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / MSVisio into a 3D Enviroment IDEA - A basic question... on: October 07, 2005, 05:37:39 pm
Here is my idea of what i would like to do, but barely any programming knowledge and time is somewhat a problem.
Lots of you probably know MS Visio - i use it to draw network layouts.
I HATE the 15year ago look in 2D. Its just not gonna do it anymore so i am wondering if it is possible to make Visio into a 3D enviroment.

Basically, i want to be able to add rendered 3D images of the network equipment, visible lines like on switchport and where they connect to and i wanna be able to place them anywhere in empty space (thus 3D) and be able to zoom in and out and turn around and upside down they way i seem fit, to basically look at my routers, switches etc from any point of view.
The interface of course needs to be similar to Vision, drag and drop style where on the left are my components and on the right is my empty 3D space where i can, just as in Vision connect my wires to my switchports and routers etc.

So i dont know if i can do this in Crystal Space. Also since i am no programmer (Network Engineer) i doubt i will get it finished till we drive UFO's instead of cars.

But maybe someone is interested in doing something, as far as i know there is only one programm that works similar whis is think is called something like Optnet (looks like a game engine) but not affordable and pretty much only used by like THe Army and Global Telelcom Corps.

Feedback would be great


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