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1  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: UV mapping problem from Blender on: November 02, 2005, 04:39:37 pm
Sorry to take so long getting back to this, but, the problem is solved.  I didn't immediately try the suggestion from zaz, as I use .png, typically(still need to figure out .dds...), but, that is indeed the issue.  I'd tried rotating, as reccomended earlier, but flipping was the needed alteration.  Thanks so much for all the help!

This leads me to a question - should this be mentioned on the art creation page and/or the tutorial?  It seems rather common, and quite significant to me.  Or, is this something that is being fixed, or is fixed already?  This could easily be a deal breaking problem as to use of this engine...
2  Associate Projects / CEL Discussion / Re: Mouselook in CEL achieved on: October 27, 2005, 01:41:32 am
Aaahh, I forgot something - try this:

else if (msg_id == id_pccommandinput_runmode0)
        runmode = false;

Does the trick for me, I just forgot to include this line.
3  Associate Projects / CEL Discussion / Re: Mouselook in CEL achieved on: October 26, 2005, 03:29:46 pm
Thanks for the link, muffin!

Handily enough, cel already has a function to handle running with the shift key (or whatever key you assign).  Check the celtest demo.  Also, you could handle it as I mentioned rather unclearly for my mouse button.  First, in the key assignment, you do the obvious:
    pcinput->Bind ("shift", "runmode");

Then in the bl you add:
    id_pccommandinput_runmode1 = pl->FetchStringID ("pccommandinput_runmode1");
    id_pccommandinput_runmode0 = pl->FetchStringID ("pccommandinput_runmode0");

Here is where I had trouble, until I just created a flag - in this case
bool runmode;
    else if (msg_id == id_pccommandinput_runmode1)
        runmode = true;
    else if (msg_id == id_pccommandinput_runmode0)
       runmode = false;

else if (msg_id == id_pccommandinput_forward0 && runmode)
else if (msg_id == id_pccommandinput_forward1 && runmode)

Hopefully, that's more clear than I was in my earlier post - anyway, I'd use the existing cel function, but I threw up the code for any other situations you want a key press combined with another.  Likely, cel has a function already exisiting that works more elegantly, but this works great, with no bugs that I've noticed.
4  Associate Projects / CEL Discussion / Re: Mouselook in CEL achieved on: October 25, 2005, 03:49:47 pm
Those values are pretty close to what I also came up with.  I was also going to mention, that I set mine to work when the right mouse button was pressed.  I had some troubles getting it to fly, initially, but I finally set a bool freelookmode to be true when pressed and false when not on "mouse2".  Then I changed the code in the lines to:
else if (msg_id == id_pccommandinput_yaw && freelookmode)

else if (msg_id == id_pccommandinput_pitch && freelookmode)

Nothing earthshaking, but I thought I'd mention it if its handy to someone.  Quick question - where can I find a list of the key triggers, such as "mouse1", and "mousey_centered"?  I've looked around, and I'm not seeing it anywhere - in particular, I'm looking for mousewheel commands, but I'd really like all of them, eventually.
5  Associate Projects / CEL Discussion / Re: Mouselook in CEL achieved on: October 24, 2005, 10:43:26 pm
Just wanted to thank muffin for this spot of code - exactly what I was looking for!
6  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: UV mapping problem from Blender on: October 20, 2005, 04:08:21 pm
I sent you a copy muffin.  Thanks for taking the time to look at it for me.
7  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: UV mapping problem from Blender on: October 19, 2005, 04:04:44 pm
Normals are right, so that's not it Sad.

Yeah, I do levels exactly the same way.  Well, pretty much - they aren't animated.  I have tried so many different ways of loading my texture and uv mapping now, my head hurts. 

I'm going to try the turning them, idea, that sounds suspiciously like what I'm seeing *crosses fingers*. 

Well, flipping the texture does not work...  Is it possible I don't have something installed correctly, perhaps?  I work on 2 different computers, both windows machines, and I have the same result on both... grrr

It seems that my uv mapping is not exporting at all, and the texture is just slapped on there.  I've tried several versions of blender with the same results.  I currently have 2.35 on one machine, and 2.37 on the other...  I've tried different versions of python...  I could just use seperate meshes for different colors at this point(just learning the engine), but when I get serious into developing my game, I'm going to need this.

I'd be happy to provide my .blend file, if anyone were willing to take a go at it.  Thanks for all the suggestions - feel free to throw anything else out there you can think of.

8  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: UV mapping problem from Blender on: October 18, 2005, 04:37:19 pm
Thanks so much for the replies.  I do have Soya checked, so that's not it.  I have tried redownloading the exporter from different sources, and I can see no differences in how it exports, so, I think its something I'm doing wrong.

I think muffin may be on to something.  Is there a UV button, or something I need to do to make sure its mapped correctly?  Perhaps in the material or texture settings?  I'll try pushing some buttons and see what happens... Smiley  I don't think the tutorial mentioned anything like that, I'll look again, though.  I merely loaded my texture in the uv map window, and it looked good in my blender renders.  I don't believe I altered any material or texture settings directly.

My exported map files all look good, its just cal3d where I'm having this trouble.

I've had a similar problem with another engine I tried out, but I merely needed to hit a couple buttons in the material preferences to make it fly right, so I suspect something similar here.  I'm relatively familiar with blender, and uv mapping for that matter, it just seems I'm missing something simple.

Am I the first to have this problem?
9  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: UV mapping problem from Blender on: October 17, 2005, 10:00:31 pm
No, I got the pair from the cal3d site.  Only the second one exports the correct files - its called CAL3d Exporter 2 v1.0. 
10  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / UV mapping problem from Blender on: October 17, 2005, 09:51:13 pm
Just thought I'd ask, since I assume I'm missing something basic here.  My UV mapping all looks good in blender (2.35), quick render shows everything to be in order, along with the UV window.  When I import my meshes into the meshviewer, though, it isn't mapped correctly any longer, with eyes between his legs and such :<.

I should add that use of the /this tag in my cal3d file won't allow my mesh to be opened at all, so my cal3d file has the line written like this '<mesh file="stickmanStickman.cmf" name="body" material="CUBE6_AUV2.PNG" />', rather than as the tutorial reccomends.  I don't understand why the use of /this as shown in the tutorial doesn't work, but I get an error stating that it is unable to open the texture.  I've tried exporting with and without the RF tag on the blender exporter, which seems to make no difference. 

I'd really appreciate a pointer - I've searched all the Crystal resources I can find and I'm coming up dry.

Thanks in advance,

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