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1  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / MMOSTG Devoloping on: March 18, 2010, 10:29:58 pm
Hello CrystalSpace 3D , ive been here before searching around ^^.
I dont really want to give out to much deatils but im intrested in devoloping a MMOSTG ( Massive Multiplayer Online Strategy Game) or how you call it Smiley
Im good at direting people and im a decent leader if you ask me.
This is my first project and i dont really have much skills jet , have some skills in modelling and 2d art and terraining ( Especially Height Maps and such)
I know this sounds pathetic but i do have extremly many ideas for the game.
So if i get help for it , ive figured i could autchely get this to work.

All help is appreiacted even if your as me and dont know much.
Im currently learning what in seem to need to know , like basic programming.
Currently im looking for

2d Staff.
3d Staff.
2d Artists
All Types of Programmers.
Story Writers

and much much more , so send me an email or add me if you have msn on or just send me an offline pm if you want to join in on this , your friend  Athonos.

2  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / An Application for Devoloping on: February 10, 2010, 08:49:56 pm
Hello , you can call me Athonos since that is the name i use over the web.
Ive been scrambling around the internet for a few months trying to find a free source program like this to devolpe a game idea ive been carrying around for quite an while.
Some info you should know is this

1. im 15
2. i have worked with basic programming ( very little) and a bit c++ but im pretty much a noob
3. i am patiance when it gets to devolpoing and im pretty good at the most but not everything.
4. im good at finding resourses
5. i know about modelling and im pretty good at it ...welll i know how

anyways thats some info about me
If you wish to join me for programming a game hopefully a good 1 , add to your msn , svensk_snubbe to your skype or send a messagea to my msn displayd above.

So well...hopefully i will get some aid for this =)
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