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1681  Crystal Space Development / General Crystal Space Discussion / FED UP WITH TRYING TO COMPILE CRYSTAL CORE !!!!!!!! on: July 01, 2005, 04:48:00 am
Quote from: Tony
It gave me this

Tony@TONY-763C465C03 ~
$ echo %CEL%

Tony@TONY-763C465C03 ~
$ echo %CRYSTAL%

Tony@TONY-763C465C03 ~

Type 'echo $CRYSTAL' and 'echo $CEL' instead. If they are not set then use the following commands to set them:

export CRYSTAL=/c/path_to_crystapspace
export CEL=/c/path_to_cel

Note that you MUST use forward slashes (not like windows does) and instead of c:\ you write/c/

1682  Crystal Space Development / General Crystal Space Discussion / Re: In that case on: July 01, 2005, 04:47:07 am
Quote from: deckerego
In that case your environment variables could be tested with `echo %CRYSTAL%` and `echo %CEL%`

No that's wrong. Mingw/msys uses linux syntax for env vars. You must test $CRYSTAL and $CEL.

1683  Crystal Space Development / Support / Problems with non-standard-renderer (opengl related?) on: June 29, 2005, 06:33:40 pm
Quote from: calli
Got some hints from Pablo...

Cant be lightmaps and stencil shadow combined? Imagine a lightmapped room and a flashlight or similar....


Currently not. That is something that is still being worked on.

1684  Crystal Space Development / Support / Reuse cached lighting after touching the world file? on: June 29, 2005, 03:07:38 pm
Quote from: calli
Is the -relight option recalculation only for changed objects? This would ofcourse help me much with that big scene...


I'm afraid not. There are a few options you have to speed up lighting though. You could add -lightqual=1 which will slightly reduce quality and speed up the algorithm. Also you can use 32 or 64 for lightmapsize instead of the default 16. That will also improve lighting speed but with less detailed lightmaps. During development this might be useful to do.

1685  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: Reuse cached lighting after touching the world file? on: June 29, 2005, 02:23:17 pm
Quote from: calli

finally after using 2.7GBytes of memory and maybe 1 hour CPU time I have a scene which is lightmapped very well. However, I want to change (Blender) some small things in the scene, then export and reuse the cached lightmaps. But somehow walktest refuses to use the old cache. I think it should be possible to reuse such light-cache if I dont´t add objects or similar.

Is there a trick to trick walktest? I also tried to put the cache into a ip, only changed the world-file in a old zip etc. but with no luck.


Hmm... If the changes are only minor it should be possible to reuse the cache. The changed objects will not have correct lighting but otherwise it should work. What kind of changes did you do? Did you change names of the objects or sectors perhaps?

1686  Associate Projects / CEL Discussion / Re: problem when I try to run celtest (gldrivers.xml) on: June 29, 2005, 12:37:02 pm
Quote from: teike
I compiled CEL and when i try to run ./celtest it gives a segmentation fault message

  Could not open driver database file '/config/gldrivers.xml'
Segmentation fault

any tips?

Is this problem still present with latest CVS?

1687  Crystal Space Projects / WIP Projects / Skyscraper Project on: June 29, 2005, 12:26:17 pm
Nice Project! Looking forward to seeing more smiley

1688  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: Casting static shadows on: June 29, 2005, 12:22:09 pm
Quote from: putujici_jack
I'm quite new to CS and I have this quiestion:
I use Blender and blender2cs to create level and walktest for checkout. The scene is affected by lights but there aro no shadows which should by casted by objects which stands between lights and walls.
What should I do to make this effect?


Hmm... You did -relight on the map?

1689  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: Model file format on: June 29, 2005, 12:21:25 pm
Quote from: Halfdark
This probably sounds like a stupid question, that is really easy to find the answer to, but i've looked and cant find it anywhere... So herre it is: What file format do crystal-space models use? is it .3ds, .max, .x or .obj, something else? i dont know, and I cant seem to find the answer anywhere Sad

Crystal Space has its own format. There are several tools to convert Blender, 3dsMax or other formats to CS.

1690  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: Getting closer... on: June 29, 2005, 12:17:52 pm
Quote from: kedi_xed
I figured out that I needed to do the UV face select, and assign a texture to each face for the materialMap, and Vertex paint for the baseMap, but now i'm getting warnings.

   blend2cs warns for each (x,y) that it can't find geometry for heightmap.
If i have a terrain_resoultion of say, 16, it produces 16*16 warnings.

Do I need to do more to my plane mesh in Blender? I'm a little lost...

Can I see the .blend file? You can email it to

1691  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: simple2 tutorial error on: June 29, 2005, 12:15:26 pm
Quote from: fiz

im doing the tutorials and when i run simple2.exe i have a fatal error:

crystalspace.vfscachemgr.createfile: Could not create file 'spr3dlod/64f31...../0' in VFS dir '/cache'

then program runs but the sprite doesn´t work correctly.
I have the problem with my simple2 code and with the crystalspace simple2.exe program.

what can i do?
any suggestion?

That warning is no problem. You can ignore it. In what case doesn't the sprite work correctly?

1692  Crystal Space Development / Support / Collision Detection - What's going wrong here? on: June 29, 2005, 11:42:15 am
Quote from: bernardofd
Well, I researched a little, and the only function that I found that specifically moves an mesh is implemented in class iMovable.

My question now is, how can I reach an iMovable object from an iCollider (or an csPolygonMeshBox)Huh I didn't see any connections between these two...

Thanks in advance

You can't. Why would you need to do that?

1693  Crystal Space Development / Support / wierd behaviour on: June 29, 2005, 11:41:13 am
It is possible teapot.lib is not correctly installed. I recommend not to install CS at all. Instead just run it from where you compiled it. That's best.
1694  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: deploying meshes on: June 29, 2005, 11:38:10 am
Quote from: Apollo006

can anyone help me in explaining how i can deploy a mesh in a map. I mean an enemy for example, i have my own character that can walk around, but i want it of course to attack something. Is there anyone willing to explain this to me? I already have an enemy cal3d model ready.


One way to do that is to use a key value pair in the map like this:

<key name="enemy_pos" location="x,y,z" type="myuglybastard" />

In code you can then iterate over these keys and create your own entities there.

Another way is to use the <node> system. The nice thing about this is that it is supported by blend2cs. Just create an 'empty' object in Blender and it will be exported as a node.

1695  Crystal Space Development / General Crystal Space Discussion / Re: Any ray/line intersection function? on: June 29, 2005, 11:33:03 am
Quote from: PicklJuic
Hello there,

....But I had a question... I have made some code already in another engine. I got as far as using an algorythm to "probe" the terrain to store info for pathfinding. This code uses an API function in that other engine which basically scans for a collision with a "line" through 3d space. This returns the collision point of the first collision it encounters, and then I use that info to store for my pathfinding/AI....

...Problem is, I have not seen something like this yet- maybe I am missing something? Does such a function exist?

 Thanks! Smiley

Check out iSector->HitBeam or csColliderHelper::TraceBeam. The last one is faster but it is based on collision detection information and not the real model.

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