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1  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / Small company looking for programmers on alt-d20 MMO project on: March 27, 2011, 03:20:23 am
I represent a small third-party publisher of alternate-d20 (the same rules that power 3.0 and 3.5 D&D, but modified) materials.  We are trying to convert one of our game worlds into an MMORPG game using a micropayments system, and need programmers willing to work on royalty-for-work basis.  This advert is being posted here because after an exhaustive search we have decided to go with the Crystal Space engine for our game, and need people familiar with it.

Here are some of the architecture and policy concepts we will be incorporating into the game:
* The game experience will be handled using interaction disclaimers, be as big a jerk as you feel like being...nobody will ban or suspend you for it, but individual players can "squelch" you which will remove your existence from their point of view (since nobody company-side maintains any code of usage, we can rely on common-carrier protection rather than the usual model of banhammering anybody who even looks at you funny in order to prevent harassment lawsuits).
* GMs/Moderators ONLY have the authority to open access to in-game elements, or reset them, they CANNOT ban/suspend players (this is to maintain common-carrier legal protections).
* "Quests" are purely goal-oriented, require great lengths of time to complete but can be taken in stages, and mainly serve to unlock extra content (like minor stat increases or additional in-game stores).
* Server-side contains only map and character record data, ALL A.I. and interaction subroutines are randomly distributed among the player base, i.e. more people playing will not notably increase server load allowing for EVERYBODY to exist on one server group!
* Gigantic multi-zone world organized according to a multitude of faction relations, so characters from Faction A can enter the territory of allied Faction B, but even shopkeepers in the territory of enemy Faction C will attack them.  Quest results can move the character's faction to a new faction, or allow passage into formerly enemy faction areas.
* Instanced dungeons that randomly generate contents according to chosen difficulty level, as well as randomly creating layouts, so that no two trips are the same.
* World items ranging from buildings to trees are destructible, AND craftable.
* Fully-integrated item and magic item crafting, with ONLY player-made items being persistent (randomly generated items such as monster loot degrades permanently with usage).
* Time offline accrues "down-time points" which are used in-game for item crafting, resting, and fast travel.
* A micropayment system that includes ONLY convenience options like stat rebuilding and zone access, rather than in-game items.
* The ability for long-term users to create and upload dungeons that have a chance of being incorporated into the game world, with winners getting free online store points.
* Offline play, using downloaded copies of your character account plus user-created dungeons.
* Distribution of in-game element development tools and a wiki that lists projects (such as monster skins) that users can do work on in order to earn online store points.

If you are interested in working on this project, please let me know.  Thank you.
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