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1  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / announcing project "god slayer" well not compleately lol on: March 01, 2006, 01:31:39 pm
hello anyone that has read any of my posts knows that i have stated that i have my own goals that i want to achive useing CS. well this is the offical post for it. i have decided to use CS in the production of a masterpiece.... kidding. this is just a simple game with few rules. it will play more like ledgend of zelda o.o.t its the only way that i can possibly do what i want to do. it will be a smallish game not horribly big but just the right size for a start up game. it wont be the next zelda by any means its mostly just for fun and learning but will be seriously addictive hopefully and maybe have a small arena for your character to play around in online with other players seeing as how thats the way things are turning these days. when i get a team to gether i will put forth more effort on releaseing information on the game threw screen shots.

 the art will be as close to realistic as one can get useing cs im not sure what the limits on this engine are but when your beeing staired down by a Weirwolf i want your to feel the apprehintion befor he guts you and eats your entrails. This is an action/adventure/rpg game that will play a lot like zelda oot as i stated almost the same gameplay mechanics only for the pc insted of the n64 you will use the 1 - = buttons to hurrle items use a bow or magic spell or what ever you will use the mouse to lock on and attack your target. the worlds will be big but not overly huge. its not going to take you an hr to get from one side of a map to the other but when your in the leaf forest it will be expancive as and mysterious and very spooky or when your dungion crawling it will be like wondering threw a house of horrers except the horrers are real and hugry as hell. the mood will be dark and dismal and feel like zelda meets h.p. lovecraft's the necronomicon style or for those that havent seen or dont like b movies, eternal darkness for the G.C.

the game will be a behind the player or if perfered 3d person aspect i hate fixed camera style games more then anything. the game like zelda will play 3rd person till you go to do an aimed shot with a bow or grappleing hook or use your swords magic or are in a tight tight space.the character creation will be simple you can change your looks do what ever you feel like as far as what you look like kind of like makeing the char big and strong or small and fat. you will have compleate style control with lots of choices and a sex choise as well.

 the game will sport if allowed bump mapping but not to the point of eq2 which went overbord on it. but will allow for a more realistic look and pixle shader is also a + in my book. but any way the story will be just as important as the game play. but that will only be for team members to find out about. this is an rpg this is an adventure game this is going to be more easy then most hopefully. also this will be a fun and relaxed environment to work in. this game will be set up to have a sequil or two if liked maybe more. this will be a nonprofit game unless it gains a huge following that demands more but the first game shall remain free for ever.

 i wold like to see a client type softwhere that more content can be added threw patches as the game progresses so people can play it right away and get a feel for it or watch it grow and then after release and we have a stable base and working product add new quests or features to it with an optional quest download screen or a request a quest,item,ability, what ever. this is just some of the ideas im kicking around i wont have all of them locked in till i find out the constraints on the engine. and anyone intrested in the development process will get a rundown on the story which isnt that big. this game is about hack and slash dungion crawling and haveing fun with friends.
2  Crystal Space Development / General Crystal Space Discussion / hello im new here. and have some questions obviously right? lol any way hello on: March 01, 2006, 11:49:17 am
         Ok as I said im new here. I'm not sure where to begin i have a project i have been putting together for a while now im to the point where i need to decide what engine im going to use and well to be quite honest with you the engine im looking at is not bad i must say im impressed and dissapointed at the same time. Impressed that its as good as it is and dissapointed that i have no idea how to use it. You see im a graphics person i spend my free time modeling for fun and any free time I have ever thats what I do. I have gotten fairly good at what I do as well. any way is there a more simple virsion of this as im not a coder( big surpise there eh?lol)
any way what im trying to figure out is if some one has or can help me set the game engine foundation for what im trying to do
or point me to the right direction i.e. eather some one that is working on this type of game useing cs or to an engine already set up for this.

          Im just makeing a small game that will play alot like legend of zelda occorina of time(sp) something that is more action packed though if thats possible. I want to keep npc interaction to a minumal but I want to tell the story threw the action and the direction that the game takes. The only thing the npc's will do is set you on some optional quests like find this or do that or even some of the quests that is requred to progress eather way i want more hack and slash in the quests then simply here take this to that person accross the game world and try to not get hurt or what ever. im up for a challange as much as the guy and will probly put a variaty of quests in the game so people acctualy enjoy it. Also i have played alot of mmorpg's and have decided to put some of the aspects of them in this. leveling up will be an absolute must with out a doubt. i dont want macros for complex crap but i do want to make a crafting table a small one but one that if the person playing isnt in a hack and slash mood they dont have too. they can just simply craft and sell the stuff to make some money.(this idea is still debatable for me its just something i like and im not sure i want to do it yet.) 

          any way im not going to spell out the whole game right now as im not even sure this is the place for that. but im trying to get some answers to some of the questions and make clear some of the ideas that i plan on deploying here. any way thank you for reading my tired rambelings and i look forward to hearing any thing you guys have to say. its 3:46am here at the time of post so please forgive errors in grammer and spelling and what not. and deffinatly forgive the format.  any way thank you for your time.
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