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1  Crystal Space Development / General Crystal Space Discussion / Re: CS vs Ogre3D, NebulaDevice on: March 03, 2006, 02:04:29 pm
I worked one year with Ogre. There was a real nightmare.
...and it seems, you never recovered from that. Maybe it's time to wake up and take a look at it's continous development wink

Has Ogre a good input driver? No.
Actually, there are three, the built in system, the SDL-Input and the new OIS.

The resource handling in Ogre is a joke. No subdirectory handling, only resource groups.
Absolutly nonsense. Ogre has a very sophisticated resource handling. You have resource groups, and every resource group presents an entry point to the selected backend system. In the case of the file system, there shurly is subdirectory support - I'm using it heavily. It's very easy to integrate other resource types into the system, yesterday I finished to integrate Java into it - I now can load all java classes through Ogres resource system. Therefore you definitly need subdirectories wink. Maybe you havn't understood the concept?

Has Ogre a good configuration handler? No.
Has Ogre sound handling plugin? No.
Ogre is a rendering engine only.

Has Ogre a useful documentation? No.
It has. Beside the great Doxygen documentation, there is a very sufficient collection of tutorials, snippets etc. in the wiki. The forum is one of the most useful and active one I've ever seen in an open source project.

Sorry, don't want to argue *against* CS, I think it's a great project (even while I like the design of Ogre more), but it's very unsatisfiying, if such lies and rumors are spread here. There are several commercial projects finished and in the making, which are using Ogre. Don't think this happend by accident...
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