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1  Crystal Space Project Development / Google Summer of Code / Improvement to csisland on: April 20, 2013, 04:07:29 pm
The GSoC page of Crystal space calls for some ideas on improving the demos available with crystal space (namely csisland,csbias and crystal trade). I have some ideas regarding csisland.
First of all, I believe there are some issues regarding the frame rates. I have an Nvidia Geforce GT 610M and the frame rates are at times jabby. The demos definitely work fine but when I use ctrl + arrow keys in csisland to make the camera go faster, there’s a pause (probably to calculate some stuff) after 2 seconds of fast camera movement. 
Now the game idea , I do not know if I have to come up with a background story as well but this is what I have in mind Wink  :
1.   The user controls a vehicle that starts very close to the peak of the volcano. At the beginning of the game, the volcano erupts, sending out chunks of burning rocks into the air (basically orange colored spherical/rectangular things covered in flames). The goal of the user is to navigate the controllable object to a particular position in the map.
2.   Optionally, the map will have to be made somewhat larger for this one to work, or the user will find himself in water 3 seconds after the game starts. But I guess creating maps won’t be a problem. I came upon L3DT (large 3d terrain editor) while I was experimenting with panda3d and it allows the user to create large, somewhat detailed, maps (with water) quite easily. ( But I guess the given map is large enough 
3.   Okay, so the vehicle,  moves across the quite rough terrain, all the while dodging  chunks of flaming rocks falling all across the terrain. Chunk falls on head = game over
4.   After sometime,  the vehicle/character falls into the water (hopefully, with a splash).
5.   Now comes the interesting part. The vehicle folds its tires up and converts into a boat sort of thing (more or less like the ‘seaways’ cheat in GTA vice city, was quite fun a few years back Wink )
6.   The objective is to reach a particular point in the sea (where the guy/gal inside the boat/jeep will be rescued). But en route, the burning chunks fall in the water nearby and sends ripples in every direction. The craft sways to the ripples (like a boat, of course). Larger chunks cause more awesome ripples. The user will have to steer the craft avoiding those larger chunks to reach the destination
7. The camera will be placed a bit far away so that the user can see the chunks coming at them. There is a high probability that chunks will fall within a certain radius of the user. Or else they'd be too scattered to pose any real threat. Also, [as suggested by Baribal], there'd be decals to indicate where exactly the rock will fall.
8.   Steer too close to a gigantic ripple and the crashing waves will cause the craft to topple – game over.
9.   Get to the destination = win the game.
So that’s basically the idea. Now as to how exactly the game will showcases the ‘features’ of Crystal Space. I’m not exactly sure what the features are and I’d be glad if someone can tell me which features I should be concentrating on. But here’s a basic idea :
1.   The vehicle moves in rough terrain. There’s a chance the vehicle can topple over on land thus causing an early demise of our hero. Physics.
2.   There are flying flaming chunks of rock. I believe the fire effects can be made pretty cool.
3.   Explosion when the chunk hits the ground. Again, a lot of particle effects
4.   Splash when vehicle hits the water – particle effects again. It’d be awesome  if those splashes can reflect sunlight but I don’t know if it would ‘too much of an improvement’ Wink .
5.   The craft sways to the waves created by chunks falling in the water. Takes some physics, I guess.
6.   And the ripples. Waterdemo has some really nice ripples. Imagine them on a far grander scale.
7.   Input output. The user controls the vehicle.
8.     Decals showing where the flaming chunk is going to fall next

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