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1  Crystal Space Project Development / Feature Requests / Re: Non-jerky terrain on: May 04, 2006, 04:12:44 pm
since i had a feature request for planeshift which is actually engine-related they told me to come here. and it fits quite well in this thread so i'll just continue it.
the point with geomorphing is that you have to save more calculation time with the optimisation than you add with geomorphing.

there is a nice way to get a non-popping (or almost not noticeable), reaaaaalllyyyy huge, detailed terrains without killing your cpu.
i'm talking about a terrain optimizing code i found earlyer on the web.
160x160 km terrain , 2.5 meter horizontal resolution, simple per pixel lightning to get details as small as small stones or dirt, no noticable popping, and still >50 fps on a todays mid-lower clas pc
the best : ...full source given , a "you are free to do whatever you want with it" license
information on how it's working etc etc etc... videos and pictures .. and no joke i tested it myself it IS true. i ran it over wine on my linux box, it was simply unbeliveable. and those pictures and movies are really realtime!!

since you guys seems to rewriting the renderer you might want to check it out and maybe implement it.
this is by far the best solution for terrain optimisation i've seen on the web, it handles massive terrains,has a really efficient optimisation, is (for this result) cpu friendly, and there is no popping.
if you guys could stuff this thing into the gpu instead of cpu... i dont even dare to dream about... almost no bad points (expect with very spiky terrains.. single high spikes above the camera might be optimized to a plane and vanish but i never saw such a spike in any game so far, game-creators just have to use a normal object in such a situation)
well tell me what you think about it!

thommy e
ps: i'm no programmer so don't ask me any questions related to that.
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