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1  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: Crystal w/Python Won't Build on: September 28, 2013, 07:50:47 pm
I resolve my own problem:

From, I downloaded an older version of Python (1.7) and this fixed the issue above. It introduced something new, however. Some linker errors having to do with delayimp.lib. I found this in my Program Files(x86)/MSVS2010/VC folder, so adding this as a Library Directory resolved that.

2  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: Help installing cs3d on windows using ms visual c++ 2008 on: September 28, 2013, 05:37:18 pm
Linking errors are almost always due to you not adding the correct directories to your VC++ Directories (Include and Library) Project Settings.

Make sure you install the cs-winlibs for your architecture. To build wkstypical, you need to have the "include" directories for CS (.\CS\include) and the winlibs (wherever you had the installer put them) and the "libs" directories for CS and winlibs.

HOWEVER, in your case, I'm thinking you are using the wrong folder in the .\mk\ directory. If you are using msvc2008, you should be using the msvc9 folder. That's probably why it is saying you are using a newer version of msvc. msvc10 is 2010, msvc9 is 2008, msvc8 is 2005, etc. Check the Wikipedia entry for MSVC.

If, when you double clicked on wkstypical, NOTHING happened, I would just reboot and try again, reinstall MSVC 2008 and try again. That just seems like some garbage Windows issue.

Good luck!
3  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: success 223 failed 14 with crystal space and msv c++ 2008 express on: September 28, 2013, 05:33:32 am
I had this problem at first, when I didn't understand how everything worked together. This may be excessive to get your solution fixed, but here's what worked for me:

Take the 2.0 source and extract it to a folder named CS
Install the winlibs, using the VC Typical. The first path it asks for is where the winlibs installation files will sit, DON'T make this the CS folder.
The second folder is asking about the CS Path, DO make this the CS folder above.

Download and install Windows SDK 7.1. If this fails to install, go Control Panel --> Programs and uninstall all VC 2010 Redistributable packages. Then retry the SDK.

Open the wkstypical Solution
Get to your Project Properties
In Configuration Properties --> General (for whatever Configuration and Platform you wish. I set these settings for All Configurations and All Platforms), set Platform Toolset to Windows SDK 7.1
In VC++ Directories, set Include Directories to the .\CS\include folder, the .\CS\winlibs\x64orx86\include folder
Set Library Directories to .\CS\libs folder and .\CS\winlibs\lib folder

Hopefully this works for you.
4  Crystal Space Development / Support / Crystal w/Python Won't Build on: September 28, 2013, 04:35:44 am

Base Information:
- Version of CS - 2.0 (stable release, downloaded Sept 25/13)
- Version of winlibs package (if on windows) - x64 2.0_002
- Operating system - Windows 7 x64 Professional
- Compiler - Whatever MSVC 2010 SP1 uses with Windows SDK 7.1
- Video card - NVidia Geforce x680
- Driver - ...

Using Windows + MSVC 2010, I am successful in building, from the msvc10 folder, the wkstypical Solution.

I recently tried to build wkspytypical and all but the Python-related projects built (13 failed).

The general error is:
Error C3861 'PyString_AsString': Identifier not found

There are a lot of these, with different functions, obviously.

I build in x64 and Debug/ReleaseWithDll

Here are the versions of Software I have:
MSVC 2010 SP1
Windows SDK 7.1
Crystal Space Source 2.0 (stable)
Python 3.3 (installed)
SWIG 2.0.11 (I could not determine how or whether it is necessary to "Install" this. It was extracted from it's ZIP to its own folder 1 level below the CS Project Folder)
cs-winlibs-x64-2.0_002.exe (installed as VC Typical, to the root directory of the CS Project)

Here is exactly what I did:
1. Extract CS Source to .\CS\
2. Install Python 3.3
3. Extract SWIG to .\SWIG 2.0.11\
4. Install the cs-winlibs to .\CS\
5. Set Environment Variables:
- PATH = [python path]; .\CS\include\bindings\python\
- PYTHON_INCLUDE = [python path]\include\
- PYTHON_LIB = [python path]\libs\
- PYTHONPATH = .\CS\scripts\python\frozen\
6. In MSVC, set Include Directories:
- PYTHON_INCLUDE; .\CS\include; .\CS\winlibs\x64\include
7. In MSVC, set Library Directories:
- PYTHON_LIB; .\CS\libs; .\CS\winlibs\x64\lib; .\SWIG 2.0.11\Libs  (!! I guessed at this last one. I'm honestly not sure how SWIG is incorporated during the building of CS)

And Build. All but the 13 Python projects build.

What's going on? I can try an older version of Python, perhaps...
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