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1  Crystal Space Development / Support / Collison detection with Hammer/map2CS maps on: April 14, 2005, 01:17:47 pm
This is quite an intreasing one.

If I build a world map by hand I get the basic collison detection built into iCamera/iSector. Which is quite neat.

If I start with the simple tutorial examples and read in a map I've noticed something intreasting. Firstly the code the default new csView returns a Camera which has  'GetOnlyPortals' set to true. That is when you run the program you can see but not touch - ie you get no default collison detection.

If you set the Camera to ->OnlyPortals(false) you get a weak kind of collison detection. That is your eye can pass though the polygon but then it gets stuck. Sometimes you can pass straight though an wall polygon. Yes I am always makeing sure iCamera->move() has cd = true.  

I've tried writing my own walking stick code by calling the sectors followSegment method this always returns thin (ie you never hit anything).

I realise I can try following the walktest code and implement 'proper' collison detection. What is intreasting is that if I write my own map by hand it works but If I use a map generated by hammer/worldcraft then it I get this collison detection flakeyness. I don't get this problem with the same code on a Mac running OS X ( the windows version is werid).

I can't see what the map2CS code is produceing in the world code which is interfearing with the collison detection.

So can anyone make any informed suggestions. I'm guessing its something in the file format but this being crystal space I assume someone is going to say something involving one configuration file or other wink  wink

thanks in advance.

2  Crystal Space Development / Support / Success ! on: April 14, 2005, 12:37:12 pm
Yes altering the VFS.cfg file worked.

So the conclusion is you can open with a little difficulty ( follow the source in walktest kinda works most of the time)

if you want to use a pure directory you need to add that directory to the VFS.cfg file
3  Crystal Space Development / Support / more map loading weirdness. on: April 13, 2005, 04:07:45 pm
Ok so I have a map 'which cannot be found' when opened from a folder. IF I transplant the world xml document and the textures to the partsys folder then the the world can be opened in the Walktest and with the simplemap code.

but wait there is more. In the walktest app the world has solidity ( ie wall collison detection) but in simplemap you can walk straight thru them. But if you have a much simpler world ( just a few walls ) then collison works in both.

I'm not getting consistant results with the Mac OS X Version of this code.

any suggestions ? ( appart from buy a mac laptop that is).
4  Crystal Space Development / Support / More info on: April 13, 2005, 03:33:41 pm
walktests works with flarge which is a directory. ( with a world inside it)

If I move the world document from from flage into the mytest folder then the thing will sill not open.

Is there another stupid conf file I'm missing ?
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