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1  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / Questions about Crystal Space and 2D games. on: April 14, 2005, 10:20:26 pm
I am looking to program a simple game. My level of programming ability is very limited (one month of Java in college and half a book on python so far), but I am willing to learn so long as I am starting with the right tools. I would appreciate a more knowledgeable user’s comments as to whether or not Crystal Space is the right tool for me to use. The game I would like to make would be as simple as an old Mega Man game, with the following features:

Level Design:
-Specify a background image of 13120x640 pixels
-Specify up to three more image layers for parallax scrolling
-Specify which parts of the layer are solid and which are not

Character Design:
-Have all characters, enemies, explosions, etc. based on sprites ranging from 128 to 256 pixels in size
-Have simple collision detection that includes the ability to use simple projectiles
-Be able to jump and climb ladders
-Be able to cycle through the characters weapons and associated sprites on the fly

-Have a timer

Some other things I would like to include are a rudimentary title screen, the ability to save progress, and perhaps the ability to display QuickTime (or whatever) cut-scenes between levels.

If you have a minute please leave your opinion on the feasibility/logic of using Crystal Space for this project. I know Crystal Space CAN do these things (or I assume it can); my question is whether or not it is the MOST appropriate choice for a simple 2d side scrolling game. I am very excited about the concept and story (my degree was in English and I have worked hard on it), and I could potentially have the character design done by a comic book artist who has done work for D.C. Comics (if the engine is good enough and once he is not so busy).

P.S. If you are interested in collaboration please contact me! I write video game reviews for Animerica here in San Francisco and have some (tenuous) connections in the game industry. Who knows what could happen?

Thank you for reading such a long post! Hopefully I have not violated any forum rules through ignorance – I wasn’t sure exactly where to post this.
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