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1  Crystal Space Projects / WIP Projects / Re: Free Trees+sprites on: September 21, 2006, 02:36:41 pm
Well, I prefer to use my own work, instead of using other people's stuff. However, let me say that such work makes me happy, since i realize that this graphics engine, if used nicely, can do a lot of good stuff.

Keep it up. Hmm... I think I should do some trees for Herta Principia, too... Tongue
2  Crystal Space Projects / WIP Projects / Herta Principia: Ressurection and Redemption on: September 16, 2006, 03:43:04 pm
Well, hello there. This is my first post, so bear with me, ok?

It's like this: Me, with a friend of mine, are planning on making a MMORPG game engine, and we're planning on using CS for the graphics engine. The true development will only start in 2 years, or 3. He's still going to college, to learn C++, and in the meantime, I'll be making models to be used in the game. I've only started, and I'm still making the character basic model.

I'm having a lot of issues, since I've began my 3D modeling "career" on anim8or (, and now that I'm moving to Blender, I have to learn most of the stuff all over again. But it's working fine, I suppose...

The models are gonna be moddeled with Anim8or, and then textured and animated in Blender. Hey, I'm just taking care of the graphics, I dunno anything about programming, scripting, or whatever. And I suppose that's not my call, either.

Well, here's what I'm working on, right now. The mesh is separated in Head, Hair, Torso, Legs, Feet, and Hands.

The full characters will not surpass 3000 polygons. Currently, it has 1978 Polygons. I have to consider that Armors will have 150/250 more polygons than a "naked" mesh. And in 2 or 3 years, the PC spec standards will be better, so I think I can make the models more detailed than the ones being used on the current MMORPGs (like World of Warcraft, which models are no more complex than 2000 Polies).

Right now, I'm working on the hair, and I'm having trouble with the alpha (dunno how to put it). But hey, I got 2 years to solve all issues, I'll be fine! ^_^

By the way, the textures are being made with MS Paint. (just like my avatar) We're gonna use free software, and for that, i guess photoshop is out of the question, huh? Tongue

For now, my priority will be a character, with an equipment set (weapons, armor, acessories), a map, and an enemy, to test the battle system. And of course, drawing the menus. How the hell is the HP gonna be shown? Tongue
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