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1  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Re: Blender Terrain Blend2cs on: July 07, 2005, 04:28:17 pm
hey jorrit,

   last nite I had another go, and it worked! Im not sure where the problem was though. I think i was using a Float, instead of an Int, for the terrain_resolution property of the Landscape mesh.

thanks and cheers!
2  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Getting closer... on: June 10, 2005, 07:25:31 am
I figured out that I needed to do the UV face select, and assign a texture to each face for the materialMap, and Vertex paint for the baseMap, but now i'm getting warnings.

   blend2cs warns for each (x,y) that it can't find geometry for heightmap.
If i have a terrain_resoultion of say, 16, it produces 16*16 warnings.

Do I need to do more to my plane mesh in Blender? I'm a little lost...
3  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / Blender Terrain Blend2cs on: June 09, 2005, 10:15:43 am
     I'm trying to create terrain in Blender and export it using blend2cs, but I don't think I fully understand how.
Here is what I've done so far (just to try and get it to work):

      I create a plane mesh in Blender, then subdivide several times. I add the two properties, type=terrain and terrain_resolution=256.

      Then i create a cube, name both the ME: and OB: Blender parts to WorldSettings, and add the renderloop=std_rloop_terrainfixed property.

      I save this, then use blend2cs. I get the 'scanBounds: <num> <num>' stuff on the console, but then it generates a windows error, and quits.

     What am I missing?

4  Crystal Space Development / Support / Thanks on: May 12, 2005, 06:10:06 pm
Hey deckerego,

  Yep, that did the trick, thanks. I thought I was in trouble there for a minute. Walktest works fine, even without the software option.

5  Crystal Space Development / Support / About 2 days ago on: May 12, 2005, 05:48:23 pm
Two days ago, the 10th.
6  Crystal Space Development / Support / Shader or VC++6 on: May 12, 2005, 05:38:32 pm
Quote from: deckerego
walktest -relight -video=software

  Thanks for your reply deckerego. I tried this but i still got the exact
same error, it still attempts to load the xml shader stuff.

 I compiled a very simple CS app, that just initiliased some stuff, and it worked fine. But as soon as I attempt to do anything more, like open a 3D window, it crashes.

I chased it down to this function:
bool csInitializer::OpenApplication (iObjectRegistry* r)
  SetupConfigManager (r, 0);

  // Pass the open event to all interested listeners.
  csRef<iEventQueue> EventQueue (CS_QUERY_REGISTRY (r, iEventQueue));
  CS_ASSERT (EventQueue != 0);
  csRef<iEvent> e(EventQueue->CreateEvent(csevBroadcast));
  e->Command.Code = cscmdSystemOpen;
  e->Command.Info = 0;

  return true;

And it spits at EventQueue->Dispatch(*e);

I am using Visual C++ 6 with NO service packs installed, but it has only given me trouble once. Is it this, or my graphics card? Is there any other way not to load the shading functionality?
7  Crystal Space Development / Support / Problem with 'Creating an External MSVC 7 Application' tuto on: May 12, 2005, 01:31:39 pm

 I think the problem here is that the executable needs to be in the CS directory, in order to find the plugins. You can either place the executbale in the directory yourself, or setup VC++ to do it for you.

I use VC++ 6, so I can only use that as a reference. In Project->Settings, under the Debug tab, it has a field labled 'Working Directory', just enter you CS path, 'X:\somepath\CS".

 You may also need to set the Debug path to point to the executable in this directory, and do the same under the 'Link' tab, "X:\somepath\CS\simple1.exe"

Hope this solves it...
8  Crystal Space Development / Support / CVS compiled, can't run demos on: May 11, 2005, 04:47:14 pm

  I've been messing around with CS for a while now, trying to get it to run. All was well, but then I encountered the Cal3D viewmesh errors. So I followed the threads on this forum, and downloaded CS through WinCVS, but now none of the demos work(viewmesh, walktest, ...).
The original CS setup still works.

  All programs crashed when their screens displayed, but walktest gave me a crash report.

Here is what it the console.txt file stated:

crystalspace.canvas.openglwin:  GL driver: NV4_DISP
crystalspace.canvas.openglcommon.driverdb:  Applied: GeForce setting: Texture Compression
crystalspace.canvas.openglcommon:  OpenGL renderer: GeForce4 MX 440/AGP/SSE2 (vendor: NVIDIA Corporation) version 1.5.1
crystalspace.canvas.openglcommon:  Using windowed mode at resolution 640x480.
crystalspace.canvas.openglcommon:  Pixel format: Color: 32 Alpha: 8 Depth: 24 Stencil: 8 AccumColor: 64 AccumAlpha: 16 MultiSamples: 0
crystalspace.canvas.openglwin:  VSync is disabled.
crystalspace.engine.notify:  WARNING: Shader std_lighting.xml not available  Failure imminent!

and the callstack.txt file:

[0x04cc6a3b] (D:\Programming\CrystalSpace\NewCS\CS\xmlread.dll)csXmlReadXMLPlugin_Create+0x4c9b
[0x05c97fac] (D:\Programming\CrystalSpace\NewCS\CS\xmlshader.dll)csXMLShaderCompiler_Create+0x26dec
[0x05c711f0] (D:\Programming\CrystalSpace\NewCS\CS\xmlshader.dll)csXMLShaderCompiler_Create+0x30
[0x90909090] (<unknown>)<unknown>


Is it because of my graphics card?

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