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1  Crystal Space Development / General Crystal Space Discussion / Re: where is the command line? on: July 05, 2007, 11:24:12 am
I have only recently started learning CS.. so it's kind of the blind leading the blind.  However.. this is what my experience has been so far..

Once you "jam install" it moves all the binaries from your CS_src dir into your Msys directory tree.  Msys seems to be like a miniature *nix filesystem.  You can't just use windows to double click and run the demos yet.  You can use msys though..  cd to your cs_src dir and run "walktest -relight" from there.

When you get it working, can you tell me what the performance is like?  It looks great on my laptop, but it's laggy.  I don't have access to another computer right now to compare.  Thanks Smiley
2  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / A novel RTS project on: July 04, 2007, 11:14:52 am
Not to break the existing "New X project" template thing, just wanted to put a little more feeling into the post Smiley

I've been programming as a hobby for a long time now and only recently got really interested in making something big (like a game maybe?).  My last few projects were based around Genetic Algorithms and Neural Networks.  I came up with the idea that an RTS would be so much better if the AI took care of the grunt work.  After all, a Commander/General/Overseer or whatever, shouldn't need to micro-manage everything.  I've already coded a very simple OpenGL engine.  I purchased MlikShape and started making some simple models, tanks, helicopter, Jeep, blah blah.  The project is at the point where i'm pretty sure the concept will work.  It's facinating to watch these little guys learn how to carry things around and build your structures.  Each vehicle has a strand of DNA that powers the Neural Net.  Over time the DNA is mutated and the better DNA is kept, so your vehicles are constantly learning and adapting to their environments.  The basic utility vehicles would remind you of ants how they use their directional sensors to locate resources and gather them up.

Anyways.. i'm tired of trying to improve my little graphics engine.  Crystal Space seems to be a fantastic platform for 3d applications.. so i'm starting to learn it and port the code over.

Team name:
me, mostly..

Project name:
Currently Alpha14, but only because it needed a name.

Brief description:
A regular sci-fi type RTS except that you don't directly control many of the units.  Your units have evolving NeuralNets that do their best to complete the goals you set.  This will keep you from micro managing everything (and no more hyper-clicking and mental fatigue) so you can focus on the tactics and "fun" elements of RTS gameplay.  Each vehicle has it's own strand of DNA that you can take from mission to mission (the best of each type, anyways).  So the player's units are completely different than another player's units.  This should make multiplayer games a lot more interesting.

Target aim:
I'd love to sell it someday.. probably on a forgotten website that rarely gets visited.

not really recruiting team-members, at the moment.  So no sense in paying any one.

 - FeedForward Neural Nets that are trained using Genetic Algorithms.
 - Swarm behavior on units, to promote (loose) formations of similar units.

Talent needed:
not recruiting, at the moment.

Team structure:
Democratic most days.. but the project IS my baby..


here is fine

Additional Info:

A random screenshot of some vehicles learning/evolving.

I'd enjoy any feedback, to be honest.  What you think of the concept?  Any questions about the project or whatever..?
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