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1  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / Re: A novel RTS project on: November 14, 2007, 04:37:15 pm
Thats really cool!

But how i read, theres lots of people who love micro managing, so maybe, you can add the possibility of "teaching your units"  so you can teach, let them work and maybe later in the game, change you strategy, showing other tactics to the units....

well, i hope it would be usefull for you!

2  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / Re: What about some real time strategy? on: October 23, 2007, 12:11:50 pm
Ok! Ok! Ok!

I see that noone is interested on projects that are not FPS or MMORPG.....

So then, just, can anyone tell me if im not getting wrong in thinikg of developing this game with CS ?

Ok for anyone who hasnt seen it take a look at, i reccomend to look at the pictures. it has a strong illumination, dof, and particles... I don't say i want to copy this game, but its the best reference (the images speak theirselves....)

Ok, the designing is still going on! so when i've got some interesting stuff i will post it here!

thx people!
3  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / What about some real time strategy? on: October 05, 2007, 05:24:04 pm
Hi everyone here!

Im really glad to become a member of the crystal space community! and like most of the people who takes a look at this posts, im starting to create a game!

Well, arrived at this point lot of people can think: "uh, theres nothing new in what you say, boy!"
But i really want to make SOME games (ive got thousands of interesting ideas in my head, yeah, i know that they maybe are only interesting for me but... i've got'em!)

And here i am! trying to find some interested people on working on this! and for those who have time and are interested, i just can say that i want to make a ral time battle game, most like starcraft or warcraft
(saying "like" i don't mean to copy em, i've got some ideas to make a brand new game)
And i have the races and some universe ideas in my head, (every day more, cause im working on it) so if anyone is interested, please post here and we can comunicate to start this!

Thanks to all who will post!!

4  Associate Projects / Apricot (Open Game) / Re: role of story in the game on: September 07, 2007, 11:48:21 am
Im really near of the thinking in lasts posts.

The plot (or story) is just one more piece on the game, equal to gameplay, originality, or anything else...
But a game is a complex mix of thousands of things, and plot is essential, maybe because we've seen lots of games, and we can make a better gameplay, if we see that we're goin on a wrong way, or look for more artists, if we need more details on the visuals... But "repairing" a bad plot... its impossible. (just because, a change on the stoy could mean thousands of changes in the aspect of game to get it less serious, or in the focus gamer... )

But what i wanted to say is that the plot has the importance that you want to give to it. Sometimes, if the game is addictive enough, you don't really need to work it a lot, just give a player motivation at the beggining, and some times remind him that plot is not dead, but what a really gets the player inmersed in the game argument is the plot.
┬┐What gives bigger satisfaction that winning a hated enemy? and what makes the player hate someone? the STORY.

So I think its basic to work hard on the game structure, and looking every phase, wich feelings would have the player, wich sensations... and use the story to move him to that points you calculed. And never forget that story doesnt finish with the videos! that's the bigger lesson of the Half Life masters!
The story MUST be alive during ALL the game! even when you wait a second for reloading your weapon!

An other thing is ig that story convinces the player... and to make that is basic a good pre-production work, to make all the team work in the same direction, and obtain results with the same quality because player is bad, and if you havent worked the sound enough (to say something) he will pay more attention to this, and less to the great graphics your artists made... but this is another discussion.....

So gengix, work hard on that story! and if you need help with something, i would be happy to help!

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