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1  Crystal Space Development / Support / Multiple cameras and non-continuous rendering on: December 07, 2008, 05:53:29 pm
Hey Everyone,

I have toyed with CS and CEL for a while now, and have been able to create a small application. But it is not yet working as efficiently as I would like it to. The application is a simulator and right now I have only one camera in the simulator. Also I only actually need a picture out of the simulator every few seconds, and not a continous stream of visual information. In order to speed up my simulation process I would like to render the camera output only every 5 seconds or something like that. Unfortunately my knowledge of CS and CEL is very limited, so I have no idea where to start looking. Any suggestions?

On top of that, I would like to have multiple cameras in my environment. I managed to create more than one entity with a camera via CEL, but I do not know how to switch to a different camera. Some info on how to do that would be great.

Thanks in advance, Chris
2  Crystal Space Development / Support / Walktut Entities on: January 22, 2008, 08:52:43 pm
Hello everyone,

I got a question. I was playing around with the walktut files and found the "walktut_entities" file. I modified it a little so that not the monkeyhead but the cally model was moved around by the function. Unfortuenately cally doesn't want to walk, when initializing her that way. The model is just standing still and then by a magic hand moved through the environment.

    <plugin name="celentity">cel.addons.celentity</plugin>

  <sector name="Scene">

    <addon plugin="celentity" entityname="badone">

      <propclass name="pcobject.mesh">
        <action name="LoadMesh">
      <par name="filename" string="cally.cal3d" />
      <par name="factoryname" string="test" />

      <propclass name="" />

      <propclass name="">
        <property name="pos1" vector="-4,0,-15" />
        <property name="pos2" vector="-2,0,-15" />
        <property name="pos3" vector="-4,0,-15" />
        <property name="up1" vector="0,1,0" />
        <property name="up2" vector="0,1,0" />
        <property name="up3" vector="0,1,0" />
        <property name="forward1" vector="1,0,0" />
        <property name="forward2" vector="-1,0,0" />
        <property name="forward3" vector="1,0,0" />
        <property name="time1" long="4000" />
        <property name="time2" long="4000" />
        <property name="time3" long="4000" />

      <propclass name="pctools.timer">
        <action name="WakeUp">
  <par name="time" long="8000" />
  <par name="repeat" bool="true" />

      <propclass name="pcmove.linear">
        <action name="InitCD">
  <par name="body" vector=".5,.8,.5" />
  <par name="legs" vector=".5,.4,.5" />
  <par name="offset" vector="0,0,0" />
        <action name="SetPosition">
  <par name="position" vector="0,0.1,-15" />
  <par name="sector" string="Scene" />
  <par name="yrot" float="0" />

      <behaviour name="badone_behave" />



This is the code of my customized walktut_entities file. I did not change anything in the behave.h or behave.cpp files.

My goal is to create between 0 to 10 cally-models and give them coordinates in a XML file, so that anyone can change the number and the paths of these models without having to rebuild the C++ code. Is there an example somewhere or any way to reach this goal faster than my approach?

looking forward to your answers.

3  Crystal Space Development / Support / iPcActorMove and Acceleration on: December 30, 2007, 11:21:22 am
Hello Everyone,

I am using Crystal Space and CEL for a simulation(,1490.0.html). Since I need the simulation time to be independent of real time, I adjusted the Virtual Clock for my needs, so that with every Advance the clock advances exactly 10ms.

But now I have run into a problem. I am using a CEL Player Entity for my robot. I used PcActorMove to move my robot around. I change the speed depending on an algorithm and I have my own calculations to restrict the robots acceleration. But now I noticed that PcActorMove restricts acceleration. I can't just punch in a velocity of 1.0 and the robot immediatly moves at 1.0 speed, but it slowly accelerates.

I am using the Coordinates of the camera to determine where my robot is [pccamera->GetCamera()->GetTransform().GetOrigin()]. So maybe just the camera is accelerating slower and I can get the correct Coordinates somewhere else?

I am not sure I could properly explain the situation, so I will give an example what the desired effect is: I do

Then I let the simulation run for exactly 1 (simulated) second, I want the change in position of the robot (and the robot camera) to be exactly 1.0 distance units away from the starting point. Is there any way to achieve that? Where is the restriction of the acceleration located?

4  Crystal Space Development / Support / Re: Textures getting blurry on: November 21, 2007, 06:23:30 pm
Thanks alot rvhaasen, the anisotropic filtering did the trick Smiley
5  Crystal Space Development / Support / Textures getting blurry on: November 21, 2007, 02:39:06 pm
I have a Problem with textures getting blurry. As you can see in the front the tiles on the floor are clearly visible. But they become very blurry the further away they are. That is understandable, but I wondered if there was a way to reduce the 'blurryness'. Any hint would be greatly appreciated.


6  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / AMR-Simulator on: November 05, 2007, 12:34:35 pm
Hi there,

I am a university student in electronics, and for a student thesis I started a project to create a Simulator for AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) that are supposed to use visual (camera) information to navigate through an unknown environment. So I need an engine that will provide me with a comfortable API so I can concentrate on creating the simulator and not the graphics. I have chosen CS and I am very happy with my choice. I started the project 2 months ago and I have a working version of the simulator. Because of the requirements my university gave me, I had to include an interface with Matlab. Right now the program won't run without it. But I am planning to bring a version of my simulator that only needs scilab (an open-source program that is similar to Matlab). The first release of my software will be around 19th December, since I have a deadline at university then. The following release with scilab will be around march 2008, as I will have some spare time to rewrite the code for the interface only after my exams in february.

Right now I have reached a stage where I need to create an environment for my simulator. Since I am no designer I will need help with that and I am already looking forward to bugging you all with my silly questions Wink Anyone wanting to help me is, of course, greatly appreciated.

Greetings, Chris
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