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1  Crystal Space Development / Game Content Creation / blender2crystal error on: November 04, 2007, 01:10:58 am
i am using it and when i hit export it says python script error and then it will close
2  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / Re: staravision on: November 04, 2007, 12:57:20 am
   It was the year 2264 and yet we were still recovering. As I looked around I saw the proof of that everywhere. The sky was still an ashen color, a far cry from its former sooty black, but still not healthy. Ever since the Mayan calendar had proved correct, Earth had been horribly disfigured. New York itself was still a ruined and the hulks of building still lay nearby, the metal twisted horrible and the entire structure unidentifiable. Then a humming sound came from nowhere and I knew what was happening. As I ran for my gun they crested what had once been a sky scraper and opened fire. On shot smashed into the ground destroying the pavement another hit one of my co-workers. The shot melted completely through him leaving a massive hole that had once been his lungs. As I reached my weapon and swung it up so that the strap molded to my soldier to steady my aim I squeezed off a few shots. One managed to hit my enemy, striking his vehicles engine. The explosion scared away his compatriots, they must have been recruits, and as I looked around I saw that they had managed to kill three other co-workers. It was like this every day and every hour. They kept pushing us back, farther and farther, killing more and more, and we could do nothing. As I walked up to my kill I saw his face. He was faintly reptilian although he had some arboreal characteristics. His teeth angled inward and were extremely sharp, tufts of hair poked up through body covering scales and his throat which was usually covered in hard armor-like hair was torn. The throat was entirely ruined, his blood (which unlike humans was faintly yellow) spilled out covering his uniform. His ship which was originally saucer like was hopelessly destroyed. My shot had entered the engine igniting the fuel and then had proceeded to exit through the pilot’s tail. The bullet was lodged in the outer armor plating and that in and of itself had ruined the machine. It would have ruined the conductivity of the ship, disabling most of its abilities. Then more of those hums came and I knew that they had returned, with allies.

   Ten saucers flew over the hill, their drivers staring angrily out of the translucent cockpits. I had to run there was nothing to do; thankfully there was a very strong looking barrier nearby. The electrical bolts fired from the saucers weapons vaporized some of the pavement around me. Then more of them crested the hill. This time they were on foot and this party of seven was filled with behemoths. They were encased completely in a kind of armor. From experience all humans new that it was very strong, you had to be either very lucky or at point blank range to kill one. As the ground troops came closer I opened fire on the saucers managing to damage one. Then the infantry opened fire on me, their wrist blasters quickly destroying cover. Within seconds one of them was upon me. It was a ritual of theirs, one of them would attack and then the other, only two would attack at one time, but that was enough to kill. As the first ejected the blades from his suit there was a disembowel and each strong enough not to break. Then knife I pulled was virtually useless against those weapons, but I still fought. His blade swung close and I managed to parry it forcibly into his side. Then as he caught it and brought his blade into it in stabbed my blade into his lightly protected armpit. I kicked him backwards pulled my side arm and fired the equivalent of a sawed off shot-gun into his chest. The blast slowed him but he lived. That’s when the warrior cam in. He swung in a chopping motion, attempting to slice me open, and the other alien stabbed. I saw my chance and tripped the slashing enemy. Pushing him forward slightly I moved him into the path of the blade. It went deeply into his side, blood spewed everywhere and I swung my weapon down at the base of his neck where the armor was weak. His neck came off, almost, but it was enough. With my other arm I took the blade and slammed it into the other soldier’s groin. The noise he made at that point was unimaginable. As he fell forward I pulled my shot-gun like weapon out again and fired three times into the things head.
3  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / Re: staravision on: November 03, 2007, 09:54:47 pm

A new age of gaming.

New Recruits for the new Staravision

- modelers

- scripters

- artists, posters, artwork

- writers

- web site designer

- point system devs ex. Lvls ups, skills, etc.

- animation designers

- particle devs

- audio devs

- voice actors

If you want to be apart of this project then go to the forums on the site and post your resume on what you want to be and show me some of your work if you can

Thanks, David

4  Crystal Space Projects / Project Discussion / staravision on: November 03, 2007, 09:53:01 pm
hey my name is david and i am creating a new game a futuristic war fps i will post the story line later in the evening if you would like to join go to go to the forums and sign up for a job i need all the help i can get so sign up! staravision
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