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Author Topic: Updated - Skyscraper Project in C++/CS  (Read 19763 times)
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« on: June 28, 2006, 10:51:12 pm »

I'm the author of the Skyscraper Project located at and just wanted to show it's current status, since it was recently rewritten in C++ and uses CrystalSpace (it was originally written in VB6 using TrueVision3D, but there were way too many issues with the engine and especially the language).  The core of the program is called the Scalable Building Simulator, or SBS, and generates a large portion of the buildings on startup (and the rest in realtime) from text files.

Currently 2 buildings are simulated (there's a 3rd one that's just a simple demo) - my fictitious 142-story Triton Center building and the 138-story Glass Tower building (from the movie The Towering Inferno).  Here's some shots of the Triton Center in the current C++/CS version (and I even have an almost-full set of floorplans for when I start making the new interior):

Building itself:

Here's a sample pic of the lobby floorplan:

and here's the Glass Tower building:

I'm also planning on making a version of Frank Lloyd Wright's Mile-high Illinois building Smiley haha

As for the building data files themselves, this is what the Triton Center's file looks like:*checkout*/skyscraper/buildings/Triton%20Center.bld

and this is the building design guide that I wrote:*checkout*/skyscraper/designguide.html

So the current development version (1.1) is a complete rewrite of the old stable VB version (1.0), and will eventually have the same features as 1.0 and much more (and also the Triton Center has a much more realistic design in this one, especially with the proposed elevator layout).  It'll be able to not only fully simulate the outsides of the buildings, but also the full interiors, including elevators, stairs, crawl spaces, ductwork, shafts, etc (the point of it is to simulate as much as possible).  I'm also looking for people who would like to help out with this project, since I've been the only person on it since it started in December 2002 (I'm guessing because it used to be in VB lol).  The current version builds on Windows and Linux (and should build on any other platforms that CS supports, such as Solaris and MacOS).

Here's some pics from the old 1.0 version that has the working elevators, stairs, etc (this will all be remade in 1.1):

and here's some info on the Triton Center building:
Building name: The Triton Center
Version 3
Designed by Ryan Thoryk
Roof height: 1732.36 feet / 528 meters
Height with penthouse: 1744.6 feet / 531.75 meters
Height with antennas: 2032.36 feet / 619.46 meters
Antenna height: 300 feet / 91.44 meters
Fictitious location: 111 N. Dearborn, Chicago, IL
(located on the southwest corner of the famous empty Block 37)
Floors: 142, including roof/penthouse
Size: 150 feet wide, 140 feet long; width decreases 24 feet at each setback point
Main structural supports: 16 1x2 ft core steel columns, 8 3x3 ft frame steel columns, and external steel & concrete frame
Elevators: 67 total - 45 local, 16 express, 5 service, 1 freight (not implemented yet)
Stairwells: 6, max of 2 per floor (not implemented yet)
Pipe Shafts: 0 (not done yet)

Current floor assignments:

B10-B1 - Parking, shops, etc
1 - 3 story lobby
M - Mezzanine inside the 3 story lobby
2-5 - conference levels, meeting rooms and recreation
6-38 - Offices, zone 1
39 - Zone 1 mechanical
40 - Office Skylobby
41-78 - Offices, zone 2
79 - Zone 2 mechanical
80 - Hotel Skylobby
81 - Hotel service
82-99 -Hotel
100 - Residential Skylobby
101 - Residential service floor
102-116 - Condominiums A
117 - Zone 3 lower mechanical
118-129 - Condominiums B
130 - Residential service floor
131 - Maintenance
132 - Pool and recreation area
133 - Restaurant service
134 - The Overlook Restaurant
135 - Grand Ballroom
136 - Ballroom balcony
137 - Skydeck
138-140 - Communications
141 - Zone 3 upper mechanical
142 - Roof with penthouse & antennas

Zone layout:

Zone 1: 1-39, 150x140 ft
Zone 2: 40-79, 126x140 ft
Zone 3A: 80-117, 102x140 ft
Zone 3B: 118-134, 78x140 ft
Zone 3C: 135-roof, 54x140 ft

These last pictures are interesting.  This is a model of it that I made for Flight Simulator, and it shows the building in it's fictitious location:

All other info is at the website.
Enjoy Smiley


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« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2006, 11:43:26 pm »

Holy cow, that is pretty impressive! Good job.
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« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2006, 12:05:23 am »

I just started making binary snapshots of Skyscraper available, since it's working fairly well now.  They're available in the Downloads section on the website, but here's the direct link to the directory:

The VC++ 2005 runtime is in there (vcredist_x86.exe), along with a CS-bundled build (SVN snapshot rev 25317) and one without CS.  Both have wxWidgets 2.6.3 runtimes, and full source code.

Enjoy Smiley

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« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2010, 12:36:14 am »

I know this respons is late, but I wasn't a member in 2006 and want to say: wow. Very nice work eventhorizon.

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