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Author Topic: questions about blender2cristal installing under windows xp  (Read 3027 times)
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« on: October 26, 2006, 05:30:16 pm »

From the Blender Conference 2006 procedings for Amir Taaki:

"(...)believes that the future lies in a complete programmers SDK and excellent toolkits for artists that are well integrated with the game engine.(...)"

An awesome period for sure.
So... iam an artist. An oldschool artist i guess. Sorry about my ignorance, but iam falling in trouble when i try to understand this part regarding "excelent toolkits for artists that are well integrated with the game engine". Basically I was not able to integrate blendertocristal to my toolkit.
I was following this instructions inside blendertocristal documentation / installing in an atempt to install (is that the term?) blendertocristal (software? executable? Folder? Script? Cel? Gui?) into Windows XP :

From Blender2crystal Instalation procedures: (

Table of contents    ? ?
1 Check Dependencies
2 Download
3 Install
4 Environment variables
4.1 Unix
4.2 Windows
5 Test

Check Dependencies
Python ( for export (uses zlib and xml libraries), it is usually included in linux distros, but *must* be downloaded by windows users.

Python XML ( should be installed on windows machine. On non-windows systems you can install

Python 4 suite ( instead, to get faster export and less memory usage.

Python Imaging ( is used to generate pngs for terrains, if not present tgas will be generated (installing recommended).

CrystalSpace ( for viewing worlds in crystalspace. Better if it's the last version from the cvs. instructions on this (

CEL ( for creating scripting games, or cel content. Better if it's the last version from the cvs. Not required if you just want to create worlds or libraries for crystalspace.

Blender ( Use 2.40 or better.


Download one of the links from the Main Page, or you can check the Download section for more options.
Recommended link: (

Copy all files and folders in the "scripts" directory into the blender scripts directory
(/usr/lib/blender/scripts/ or ~/.blender/scripts/).
Alternatively on unix systems you can do: "make install" or get Debian Packages.

Environment variables
You MUST set your CRYSTAL environment variable before entering blender!
Skip this if somehow you have crystalspace (and cel if you want to use this) installed and on unix system.

Set from command line (bash example, your directory structure may vary):
export CRYSTAL="/home/user/CS"
Also you can set this in /etc/environment, .bashrc or wherever is better for your system.
Test with bash:
...should bring you to the Crystal Space directory
For the CEL variable the procedure is similar, you should only need this if you want to use cel related functionality.

You go to "My Pc"->"Properties"->"Advanced"->"Environment Variables" (or something similar :-/).
Here set CRYSTAL variable to the directory where you have crystalspace, and CEL to the directory where cel is located. If you dont want to use cel related stuff you dont need to set the CEL variable.

Reload or open blender and check if export->CrystalSpace exists. Is so run it.
If all works you can go on with the Exporter Manual
Retrieved from ""


so here are some dumb general questions from a "dumb general someone trying to be an artist":
Which version of Python i need to install?

Is there another way to contact the developers intead of CS forum?

I want to run "CEL". But the link redirect me to "CELstart"... What?s the difference between booth?

Supose i downloaded "CELstart" instead of CEL and Python 2.5
Specific problems:

About Python XML:
A box pops up saying: Python version 2.4 required, wich was not found in the registry. If i try to write the adress for Python 2.5 inside the following box fields (Python directory, or instalation directory) it is not possible. Should i download python 2.4? Maybe...

About Envoiroment Variables (or something similar)
How to set CRISTAL variable to the directory if is not possible to navigate to that directory? Should i try to to write this directory adress directly inside "variable name" field or inside "varieble value" field? (my computer, properties, advanced...).
I don?t know how to explain the diference between variable and directory (Is your softtware, script, GUI, whatever, aimed for people not able to understand this diferences?)
I guess not. Iam sad and iam a dumb because i can?t understand stuff like that.
So thats all. Maybe my toolbox is not able to fit this tool.

By the way it would be cool if Blender gamengine have stencil shadows. For now iam going outside, play with Lego under the sun.


Blender game engine user from Brasil.
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