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Binary Options are a trading tool for treading stocks, Forex, commodities. You bet if the asset will go up or down in the specified time. If you are get your money back plus some profit. You can definitely make money trading binary options but I would stay far away from any system that guarantees profits. Binary options are either win or lose it all type of option with a fixed payout and a fixed loss. This means that if the underlying asset crosses beyond its strike price, you win a fixed profit while regular options would have given you increasingly higher profits as long as the underlying asset keeps going in that direction. There are a lot of other pros and cons about Binary Options and I would suggest you read the link below for detailed explanations. Binary Options are little more than straight gambling. You can do just as well going to the roulette wheel and betting on Red or Black. However, if you do extensive research on the underlying security, you might be in a better position to feel your odds of winning are in your favor. I do not play binary options and do not ever intend to. Many people have picked up interest in Binary Options trading lately. This is not surprising as it is one form of financial trading that holds plenty of promise and is relatively less risky than some other forms of investing such as Forex trading. You can make money with binary options trading, but you need to discover the keys to being able to trade binary options successfully. Being successful at binary options trading does not mean that you will not suffer some losses. Rather, it means that you will be able to strike a decent winning ratio. Due to the fact that binary options functions more like a "yes or no" kind of trade mechanism, there is a tendency among inexperienced traders to trade it like a poker game or like they would do in the slot machines of Vegas. Trading binary options without a strategy is gambling. But when you trade Binary Options with a clear-cut strategy, you will make a success out of it.

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