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Is There An Enema Acne Cure?

We can find that many people suffer from acne around the world, and that this is not a condition exclusive of teenagers. No, adults can have it too and regardless of the age of the sufferer, acne can a negative impact not only at a physical level, affecting large areas of the skin and leaving marks or scars, but also at a social and behavioral level because it can affect the self-confidence, social life and self-esteem of the person who suffers from it. So it is not difficult to understand why people suffering from it will try anything to get rid of this condition.

Adults suffering from acne often find it hard to cope with the social stigma and embarrassment of the condition. Because acne is incorrectly associated with poor hygiene, or with poor lifestyle choices, adults with the skin problem can feel ashamed and are keen to deal with the problem in a practical way. They may have been prescribed medications, often in increasingly strong doses, which only succeeds in keeping the acne at bay, and does not eliminate it entirely.

Some people have turned to the enema, with the idea that it could benefit their acne by removing toxins from the body. This tradition goes back some decades, and is based upon the idea that the body does not entirely eliminate food from the digestive tract, but some is left behind and rots. The idea springs from the days before the colon could be viewed in a living person, and so is based upon the idea that food rots in the colon in the same way as it does in the open air. This principle is behind the use of enemas to treat people suffering from severe acne.

As is now understood, an enema acne treatment may not help the person suffering from skin problems. But one thing that could be good for both the colon and the skin is the use of probiotics. These are essentially 'good' bacteria, or bacteria which exist within the colon and help to remove waste and break down food particles. Clearing the colon with an enema acne treatment might not work, but using a probiotic drink, of which there are now a variety available in supermarkets and malls, could help to clear out bacteria. Eating brewer's yeast is also supposed to help those with acne problems by clearing away bacterial infections responsible for acne.

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