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I just acquired an ASUS Transformer Tablet with Tegra 3 processor. I've seen a few 3D games on it (demos and free games) and performance is unbelievable. I'm currently busy experimenting with the development options for this platform and it seems very good indeed. The normal development language for Android is Java but it is also possible to make native apps in C++ using the NDK. Specifically for the Tegra processor you can get a customized version of the NDK and SDK from nvidia directly which is easier to set up. It works on windows and linux.

Using these tools it should be possible to make a working port of Crystal Space on Android. Especially Android devices with Tegra type processors or higher should be able to run pretty powerful Crystal Space games but I'm hoping that older processors can also use it a bit.

So what is my current dream? You all know that I'm working on AresEd. I would *love* to be able to develop Android 3D games using AresEd. The idea would be that users can install Ares as an application launcher for Ares specific games. AresEd itself would probably not run on the Android but at least the Ares game player should.

So I'm trying to find people to help me with this. I will certainly work on this but I can't do this alone as this needs testing on various devices and there are also areas in CS that I'm not that comfortable with (like shaders and stuff like that).

Let me know if you're interested.

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