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A common requirement for a 3D scene is to have a sky that is always at infinite distance. One way of achieving this is via a skybox. This tutorial shows you how to do this using Blender, b2cs and Crystal Space.

Creating your skybox

  • Create a cube in blender
  • Scale the cube so it is bigger than everything else in your scene
  • Flip normals on the cube so that they face inwards
  • Texture the inside of the cube with your skybox textures
  • Set following parameters on the cube:


 camera: true


 lighting: false
 priority: sky
 zmode: zfill


 vertexlight: true

Note: there is currently a bug in lighter2 that causes it to ignore the nolighting flag. One workaround is to remove lighter2 entries for the skybox from the world file after export.

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