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The Development team at ‘Tempest in the Aether’ would like to announce a free, completely open source, Steam Punk styled MMO using the PlaneShift implementation of the Crystal Space 3D engine. The game is currently in an early stage of development producing a technical demonstration of the game.

This will include:

  • A fully functional game server and cross platform support for the game client.
  • An initial map.
  • Several Steam Punk styled Automatons.
  • A fully functional and active quest system.
  • A custom recorded sound track and environmental audio and in depth settings.

To view and current status and follow the progress of the game visit the Tempest in the Aether web site at www.tempestintheaether.org and join the team on their forums.

If you would like to chat with the team, see what they are up to, ask about the game or perhaps about offering your support to aid developing Tempest in the Aether then please join them on IRC.

If you are interested in viewing some of the concept and 2D/3D art which has been created for Tempest in the Aether then either please visit the online galleries at www.tempestintheaether.org/gallery

Or visit a collaborators site, OpenGameArt.org. Which brings like-minded coders and artists together to create Open Source video games, by providing a database of freely-licensed art resources. Searching for ‘Tempest’ will bring you results for items made for us but licensed openly http://opengameart.org/search/art?keys=tempest

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