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Were you drunk on Saturday, or was that really your opinion about Mumble?

you are completely missing the context Redz. I did not "not tired of Teamspeak," but "not tired of the Regnum Mumble". I was drunk and my opinion in this case has only intensified. 1 I play for years no longer Regnum. 2 Was my addiction of people to this game on my nerves. However, I had also made ??friends with some and generally it was of course my goal Mumble prevail over TS and of course it is also fun new people to meet and also is a certain challenge the to solve problems of the people. 's why it's okay that the Regnum players now have their "own" Mumble server.

I will orient myself differently in the future. course to keep the server, also because I want to promote my little C + + course and the eventual completion of PDBT more here. From a root server I can not imagine switching to a web-hosting, I just need shell access. Maybe you could think about a V-server to go up, so now I no longer need as much bandwidth and processing power. Although one must say that the performance of Mumble server was very good, the server has really only got bored ;).

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