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Broadband Commission Working Group on Education latest report while identifying digital skills building strategies that are inclusive and equitable for 21st century global competitiveness, has advised governments around the world to generate increased data on digital skills across populations to identify and fill gaps through education.

The report was drafted by the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Developmentā€™s Working Group on Education, co-chaired by Ms Bokova, and John Galvin, Vice President and General Manager for Worldwide Government and Education at Intel.economist.comyohaig.ng</a> It identifies essential digital skills and competencies from basic skills to high-level professional skills.

The new report for Sustainable Development entitled "Digital skills for life and work" showed that education systems worldwide are only just beginning to help learners cultivate the digital skills they need to excel in in our increasingly digitized societies.

The report highlighted the emergence of a new global skills gap where gender, class, geography and age can have a huge impact on whether a person is able to harness new technologies or not.forbes.comyohaig.ng</a> It also presents strategies for ensuring all groups of people can develop these skills.

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