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I heard about Tradiciones Peruanas Redwood City from, "word of mouth" and decided it was a must try. Lunch rush & prices i hear are far better than dinner time. The place is average on pricing, expect to pay $12-$17 per main course plate. Everything was delicious, we ordered everything that was recommended to us (all seafood plates). Service was great, and delicious peruvian drinks that i had never had before. Reason for the 4 stars and not 5: We all thought the food can be less salty, afterward i heard all peruvian cuisine tends to be heavy on the salt, i walked out of there with salt overload! Also,Tradiciones Peruanas Redwood City prices were reasonable for the amount & quality of the food, BUT then again its a hole in the wall on 5th ave. I expect to pay that much when i also have great ambiance to go with my meal. The fact that I feel like i am eating at a fast food joint should reflect on their prices, which it definitely doesnt!

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