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The Snowberry Shrub in Gardens and Landscaping

The common snowberry is a popular shrub in gardens and landscaping due to its ornamental white fruit. The bush is likewise very patient of trimming and could really be grown as a medium to tall hedge.

The western snowberry is part of the honeysuckle family. The shrub spreads through rhizomes, forming colonies of fruit-bearing plants and grows up to three feet high. The flowers are white to light pink in the end of twigs and upper leaf axils.

Snowberries are a significant source of winter food for birds including grouse, pheasant and quail. They are a famine food for humans due to their cynicism and the existence of saponins in the berries. Saponins, a material also seen in many beans, can be destroyed by cooking.

Saponins are quite hazardous to some creatures like fish. An infusion of the roots has also been used for inflamed or weak eyes and to assist in convalescence after child birth. The branches of the bush can be created into brooms.


They grow lawn care lehi ut in open prairies and along streams and lakes in Montana, Washington, Utah, New Mexico, Minnesota and Canada. They can likewise be utilized in landscaping to reinforce sloped areas and ground around water features.

Try the captivating and versatile snowberry bush to add a decorative and practical plant to your landscaping plans!

Kathleen Karlsen is a mother of five children with a passionate interest in creating a world where children and youth are free to grow in happiness and imagination. She has a life-long interest in psychology, metaphysics, healing and the arts. She manages a multimedia business with her husband Andrew in Bozeman, Montana.

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