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Rapidly And Easily Decrease Your Lighting Expense With A T8 to T5 Adaptor

Are you looking for a low-cost and easy way to reduce your energy consumption and conserve money at the same time?

There is now a wonderful retrofit lighting solution available which will allow you to do simply this!

A T8 to T5 adaptor is a high frequency ECG gadget which enables you to alter your outdated and inefficient T12 & T8 fluorescent lamps to the brand-new energy conserving & ecologically friendly T5 light, without changing the existing fitting.

The T5 is a very effective streamlined 16mm light tube, offering exceptional quality of light with a life-span of well over 20,000 hours and energy savings approximately 65 %!

It is eco-friendly, consisting of 38 % less glass with only a really percentage of mercury ased opposed to the old T12 and T8 fluorescent tubes.

Produced by companies such as Osram, Sylvania, GE and Philips, the trouble with utilizing them in existing fittings is just that they do not fit.

The lengths, the connections and the ballast used are all various kinds and sizes.

Up till now the only option readily available to owners of T8 fluorescent fittings wishing to update to the more reliable T5 fluorescent tubes has actually been to completely eliminate the existing T8 fittings and install T5 fittings.

This, as you can envision, is a really costly process now there is another solution that makes a lot even more sense!

The T5 and T8 Lighting is made to bridge the space between T8/T12 fixtures and the shorter T5 tube and incorporates it's personal brand name new type of high frequency ballast called an Electronic Control Equipment (ECG).

The ECG is designed to work specifically with T5 fluorescent light tubes making sure maximum efficiency.

Some of the benefits of a T8 to T5 adaptor are as follows:.

45 % to 65 % Energy Conserving. 50 % decrease in Maintenance Expenses. 40 % reduction in CO2 discharges. Full BS Standards - EMC & EMF compliant. The T8 to T5 adaptor is available in the following sizes:.

2 ft. (600mm) 14w. 3 ft. (910mm) 21w. 4 ft. (1210mm) 28w. 5 ft. (1320mm) 35w. 6 ft. (1820mm) 42w. 8 ft. (2420mm) 56w. This dazzling however basic lighting option can be used to retrofit car parks, schools, healthcare facilities, workplaces and any variety of public buildings and slash energy costs.

The costs to set up such an option are relatively low and repayment on the preliminary financial investment can typically be attained with 18 months!

Is it a specifically attractive alternative for companies and companies with a tight spending plan who are looking to lower their carbon footprint!

Through our workplaces in the UK & Portugal, ACL International supply the extremely latest energy saving options with our main focus being on lighting.

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