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How to Clear Acne

Acne is a serious problem for many people, affecting both young teenagers and adults in their 30s and 40s. Curing acne is not always easy, and many of the harsher methods can actually damage the skin, making it more vulnerable to acne in the future. In order to cure the acne which is already present, and avoid scars and damage which could mark the skin permanently, people have to follow a careful regimen, using reliable methods to clean their face and try to limit the production of new pimples.

The most basic steps to clear acne involve washing the face carefully with soap and water. Morning and night, acne sufferers should wash their face thoroughly. It is a good idea to use a hypo-allergenic soap, or one without perfumes, as common soaps could damage the skin or irritate the areas of acne. Rather than using scrubs, the soap should be wiped onto the surface of the skin, and then massaged in using broad, circular movements. After the face has been thoroughly rinsed, acne sufferers should dry themselves with a towel and make sure that it is not used by other members of the household. This is to prevent dirt and debris from other people coming into contact with the acne. Do you want to know other acne clearing solutions? check this out.

After the night-time wash, it is a good idea to apply an overnight acne lotion, designed to work to clear acne while the sufferer is asleep. This not only helps to reduce the pimples which are there, but also ensures that the user applies the lotion when the skin is clear and dry. Night time rituals might also include a face mask, or face peel, designed to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the face. This can help to remove dirt, flaky skin, and grease which could block pores and make the acne worse.

The kind of care that you will need depends on the severity of the case of acne you may have. For some people, getting rid of acne will only take a few days or weeks and the pimples won’t leave any marks or scars on the skin. However, there are a percentage of sufferers who will develop a more severe type of acne and which will need more aggressive medicine as well as tons of patience and discipline. For these people the results may not come so quickly but the important thing is to keep a routine and discipline to follow any treatment the doctor prescribes.

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