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This tutorial is work in progress to describe the different XML elements that can be used for CEL and CELStart. When adding new tags please keep in alphabetical order.


<addon> </addon>

Invokes a plugin

<addon plugin="cel.addons.celentity">

Used to create a CEL entity


 <addon plugin="cel.addons.celentity" entityname="menu_start_entity" >
   <behaviour name="menu_behave" />
   <propclass name="pcbillboard">
     <property name="name" string="menu_start" />
     <property name="materialname" string="menu_start" />
     <property name="movable" bool="false" />
     <property name="clickable" bool="true" />
     <property name="restack" bool="false" />
     <property name="width" long="61440" />
     <property name="height" long="34800" />
     <property name="x" long="19000" />
     <property name="y" long="26600" />

<file> </file>

Describes a file, for example the image file used in a texture.

    <texture name="menu_start">
      <keepimage />


Directive to keep the source image after texture is loaded, for example when using the texture as a billboard. Example

    <texture name="menu_start">
      <keepimage />

<materials> </materials>

Block that describes a number of materials.

<material> </material>

Describes a material.


  <material name="menu_start">

== <texture> </texture> ==
Describes a texture

    <texture name="menu_start">
      <keepimage />

<textures> </textures>

Encapsulates a block of textures

<world> </world>

Used to encapsulate a world file

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