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Today we have a great announcement to make! During the past 8 years the PlaneShift team and the Crystalspace team collaborated closely, sharing knowledge, ideas and code. The two teams have been working together in many occasions, and quite a number of the PlaneShift developers have contributed to the CS codebase in multiple ways improving the engine. Just to mention the most important developments: decals, cal3d support, 3dsmax exporters, mac osx support, sound engine, billboards, terrain alpha and more. The PlaneShift levels have been used (and are still) as a benchmark for identifying bottleneck and needed performance improvements. This allowed a better tuning on the engine for production use. PlaneShift is the biggest active project created with CrystalSpace and to strengthen even more this collaboration, we are happy to announce that Jorrit Tyberghein has been elected as Director in the Board of Atomic Blue, the non-profit corporation created many years ago to support the PlaneShift project. In his new role, Jorrit will be part of all major decisions related to PlaneShift and will ensure a profitable collaboration between the two teams. It's great to see two open source projects teaming up! But the road is still steep and we need all possible help from the community to make Crystal Space the best open source 3D engine and PlaneShift the best free mmorpg! Join us today!

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