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Step Four: : Using CEGUI

In this tutorial we will create our applications’ windows with the help of CEGUI. This tutorial contains basic information only about the library , when CEGUI is new for you, please visit the project website for more information:


The CS SDK has a Ceguitest application, and basic layouts to use the GUI., here you can find an example, how you can integrate CEGUI into your application. The viewmesh test application uses also CEGUI, here you can find a long and detailed example to deal with this impressive windowing system. Some notes about CEGUI under CS. There is an introduction to Cegui in the manual, please read this section first. I cite the most important section:

It is important that applications using CEGUI from Crystal Space do not use any of the CEGUI getSingleton() or getSingletonPtr() calls, such as CEGUI::Singleton<T>::getSingleton() or CEGUI::System::getSingleton(). The reason for this is that global and static variables (declared in methods, classes, namespaces, or globally) are not normally shared between modules. Calling getSingleton() from the Crystal Space application will not necessarily return the same instance as calling getSingleton() from the CEGUI plugin.

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