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Crystal Core is the main Crystal Space demo game. It makes heavy use of CEL and CELstart. It is going to be a first person shooter with many quest and puzzle elements. The three main purposes of Crystal Core are:

  • Be a good and playable game.
  • Be a good tutorial on how to make games using Crystal Space, CEL, and CELstart.
  • Spawn a modding community. Crystal Core is heavily modular and extensible.

Check out the developers site for more information about the game.

Here you can download the first tech demo of Crystal Core. This version features:

  • A game menu where you can start the game and change a few options.
  • Two levels out of the game.
  • Two creatures that will try to follow and attack you.
  • A small quest that you have to solve in order to get access to some part of the level.
  • Nice music and sound effects.
  • Working inventory system, health, and ammo system.

It has the following known problems:

  • Graphics intensive. If you don't have a good 3D card then it will be slow.
  • There is a bug that prevents going back to the menu after killing the first alien and when it spawns again.
  • There is a crash at exit on Linux.

You can download the Windows version from this location (105 Megabytes). This is an installer package.

For the 32-bit GNU/Linux version you need to download both the CELstart package (16M) and the Crystal Core data pack (105M). First you install the CELstart package and then you untar the Crystal Core archive to some location and you should be able to run 'start.sh'.

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