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The repository path of the 1.2 branch is <tt>CS/branches/release/V1.2</tt>.
The repository path of the 1.2 branch is <tt>CS/branches/release/V1.2</tt>.
= Other versions =
* Check the [[Download]] page for links to other versions' pages.

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CELstart provides an environment to easily run self-contained game packages - just download a package and double-click on it. The games are made using scripting (Python and/or XML scripting). If you want some live demos of what CS and CEL can do, download and try CELstart and some packages. See downloads and levels for CELstart.

Old Stable version (1.2.1)

The latest stable release of Crystal Space is 1.2.1 (5 May 2008). This version has been tested on Windows, GNU/Linux, and MacOS/X and should work with no problems on those. If you encounter a problem then please report it!
The latest version of CEL is 1.2.1 (5 may 2008). This version is compatible with Crystal Space 1.2.1 and is also tested on the three target platforms.


The aim is to make all stable releases source-compatible with the previous version. Specifically, projects developed against Crystal Space 1.0 should also build against version 1.2.1. If this should not be the case, please consider to file a bug report.


Crystal Space requires a number of external libraries for a few basic and some optional features. A list of required and optional dependencies can be found in the "External Libraries" section of the manual.

  • For Windows users, "cs-win32libs", a package with precompiled support libraries, is available for download.
  • If you want (or need) to compile the dependencies yourself, check the manual in the docs/html/manual/ directory of the sources for the versions you need to download.

Download source archive

The source packages are available in the formats .zip, .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 and is an all-you-need package, containing the sources for all plugins, required data, demo applications and maps as well as the user's manual and API documentation.

Package Download links
Crystal Space from crystalspace3d.org tar.bz2 tar.gz zip
Crystal Space from SourceForge tar.bz2 tar.gz zip
CEL from crystalspace3d.org tar.bz2 tar.gz zip
CEL from SourceForge tar.bz2 tar.gz zip

Here you can find changelogs with previous releases.

Download SDK

Binary SDK packages are not yet prepared. Stay tuned. We will upload them here as soon as they are ready.


If you wish to build Crystal Space yourself make sure you check the “Building and Installing” section in the manual. You may also find the Building tutorials useful.

Download from Subversion

Stable releases are available from Subversion via tags and branches. Tags are created each time a release is made and give the exact same sources as contained in the source archive for a release. The branch for a release however is continuously updated with new bug fixes and changes from the development version, hence the branch may contain fixes that are not present in the latest release of a stable version.

Read Using Subversion for instructions how to download the contents of a directory in the source repository.

The repository path of the latest tagged 1.2.1 release is CS/tags/V1.2.1.

The repository path of the 1.2 branch is CS/branches/release/V1.2.

Other versions

  • Check the Download page for links to other versions' pages.
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