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Feature Spotlight

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Complete featurelist

  • Generic
    • Highly platform independent with good platform abstraction. Officially supports Linux, OSX and Windows using a wide range of compilers.
    • Modularized using a lightweight component framework, SCF, based upon the COM model.
    • Self contained so that many modules requires no or few external dependencies.
    • Written in standard C++ using very few non*standard extensions. Source available under LGPL license.
  • Comprehensive and competent
    • Contains modules for 2d and 3d graphics, sound, collision detection and dynamics via ODE and bullet as well as support modules for filesystem abstraction, xml loading etc.
    • Graphics subsystem:
      • Generic renderer abstraction with main implementation being OpenGL based.
      • Supports hardware accelerated rendering on all supported platforms and cards from all well known vendors.
      • OpenGL renderer uses acceleration techniques such as vertex buffers in AGP or VRAM and asyncronious uploads.
      • Shader centric design with shaders defined in xml markup and shader programs implemented using Cg, assembly language or fixed function operations.
      • Complicated shaders can be constructed using a meta syntax as composed by simpler modules that gets combined on load.
      • Library of common shaders such as normal mapping, parallax (virtual displacement) mapping and hardware skinning.
      • Contains a software renderer with scaled down features for platforms without OpenGL and/or debugging.
    • Mesh objects:
      • Plugin based mesh object system
      • Generic triangle based mesh with support for frame and bone based animation.
      • Terrain mesh with fast block based LOD system.
      • Configurable and extensible particle system mesh.
      • General system for static LOD on all types of meshes.
      • Bone based animation mesh using the cal3d library.
    • Collision detection and dynamics:
      • Provides bindings for ODE and bullet dynamics systems.
      • Automatic setup of collision detection meshes and syncronization of position and orientation of meshes.
      • Simplified collision detection when you don't need the full dynamics simulation
    • Sound system:
      • 2D and 3D sound rendering via DirectSound, Alsa, OSS and CoreAudio.
      • Provides both one*time playing of effects and streaming playing in the background for music.
    • Other:
      • Filesystem abstraction layer, VFS, that handles both physical files on disk and files within ZIP files, giving virtual layout independent from platform and physical layout.
      • Abstracted configuration layer with support for settings in configuration file, system dependent storage such as the registry and command line.
  • Compatible
    • Custom model and scene file format with exporters for Blender and 3d studio max and model importers for common file formats such as 3ds and md2.
    • Supports all common texture file formats including dds, jpg, png as well as some more exotic ones such as mng (animated texture format).
    • Sound loaders for wav and ogg formats.
    • All subsystems easily extendable for new file formats.
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