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Crystal Space, CEL and Ares are large projects that encompass a great many technologies and disciplines with developers worldwide. As such, to develop them effectively, the projects are broken up into core elements i.e. libraries, plugins, test applications, documentation etc. These core elements have sub elements i.e. for sound, rendering, scripting etc. Each of these require either a small, medium or vastly greater amount of knowledge to develop and maintain them.

To accomplish the collective projects goals, we need people to assist us in any way they can. To aide in this effort. Below is a list of experienced CS, CEL and Ares developers and contributors to the projects who have volunteered to coordinate elements of the projects and assist both newcomers and those who are already part of the projects, to accomplish what they would like to help with and contribute to.

Current Mentors

Below is a list of current mentors with their IRC nicknames in brackets. Each individual will add contact details and information on the areas they are able and willing to help people in.

Frank Richter


Philip Wyett (philwyett) - United Kingdom

Contact: philswyett@gmx.co.uk - (Please use 'CS Mentors' in the subject line of all emails).

As a member of the development team and release manager for Crystal Space and CEL, I am extremely busy most of the time. However, I am happy to be contacted generally regarding most things CS/CEL related and the below subjects.

  • CS and CEL Project cycle, mentors scheme, project management and promotion - he BIG picture. :-)
  • CS and CEL documentation. Coordinating the documentation effort to provide up to date and accurate information. In the future, bringing good other languages translated docs to the projects.
  • CS and CEL packaging - Debian, Ubuntu and general GNU Linux.

Marten Svanfeldt (thebolt)


Christian Van Brussel



The Crystal Space, CEL and Ares projects are always looking for contributors be that small, large or of any description. We especially need to expand the teams and of course it's mentors in all areas. Detailed below are the areas that we would really like to initially concentrate on.

NOTE: This section will be edited regularly as needs change.

  • Documentation copy readers, writers and editors.
  • Artists. Full art pipeline.
  • Level and other 3D content developers.
  • Website developers. Help maintain and update the content.
  • Bug triage.

More to follow...

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