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Dear CS, CEL and Ares developers, users, supporters and all,

In the fast pace world of 3D, hardware and gaming. It is difficult to keep up and progress without the assistance and generosity of others.

CS, CEL and Ares are three core projects that now and in the future, bring you the ability to create games and other applications with a degree of ease and flexibility. Doing this though creates it's challenges. As Open Source projects, we survive on peoples generous donation of time and their passion which is so great they purchase as much of the hardware to progress the projects from their own pockets.

We are reaching out to the community and wider to assist us if you can and reduce the burden from individuals and progress as we wish to. In the future we wish to:

 - Better support Apple Mac OS X
- Add Android support
- Add Apple iOS support
- Add GLSL and GLES

We would also like to be able to purchase up to date versions of software for example Visual Studio for long standing developers. Other uses of any financial donations would be decided by concensus amongst the development team as they are at present.

As projects we are always looking for new people to help in all areas of the projects.

If you are able to offer your time to any of the projects please contact us via the discussion or development mailing lists.

To subscribe and mail to the list, please see:


As projects we are in desperate need hardware and software to bring support and features up to date then progress and we as individuals can only do this via donations in the future.

If you are able to make a donation of money or hardware. Please contact the founder of the CS, CEL and Ares projects:

Jorrit Tyberghein - Email: jorrit.tyberghein@gmail.com


Phil Wyett

Crystal Space and Crystal Entity Layer release manager.

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