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(Found a Bug)
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Found a bug? Please [[Bugs|report]] it:
Found a bug? Please [[Bugs|report]] it:

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There are various ways to use CrystalSpace to develop games. In general they are covered in the manual.


A custom jam version is used.

CS supports the following platforms:


See the List of reportedly working platforms for more detail.

Crystal Entity Layer

CEL (Crystal Entity Layer) is a companion to Crystal Space, adding entity management and thus providing a game engine. Read more.


CELstart is a CEL-based environment for self-contained game packages, allowing easy game creation via scripting, thereby easing the development process for those less proficient with C++. The package nature of games also make distribution easy. Read more.

Python Bindings

Visit Python to learn more about using CS with a scripting language or check out CELstart.


Frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQ.


The HowTo section gives details on various smaller tasks.

Found a Bug

Found a bug? Please report it:

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