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The projects on this page are ordered alphabetically.



Awakened is massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the Shadowrun universe of 2070 where players must fight for survival in a world where corporations are the new ruling body, most governments have collapsed, and the only thing that matters is the bottom line. The project is currently in development, so if you are interested in helping out, please join our team.

Bonez Adventures

Bonez Adventures is a 3D RPG/Adventure game from third person view. It is saga with a misterious story which is able to solve many questions gathered throught centuries and different cultures. It is divided into chapters as independent games which have basic story line (goes throught all chapters), optional quests (local story), subgames wich are included in the story and can be played as independent game as well. Inseparable part of Bonez Adventures is Web diary where Mr. Bonez are going to anounce his actual notes from adventures. They have now released their first version of the game and you can download a limited free trial at their site now.

Crystal Core

Crystal Core is the Crystal Space demo application. It is a very modular and extensible game based on Crystal Space, CEL, and CELstart. It will become a single player shooter with quest and puzzle elements based in a Science Fiction setting.

Crystal Cutter

Crystal Cutter is a 3D modelling tool designed using the CrystalSpace 3D API. The primary goal of this project is to produce a modelling tool that is relatively easy to use and enables normally non-artistic people (like me) to create relatively decent works of 3D art without having to master complicated controls.

The secondary goal of this project is to create a procedural "model generator" that will allow developers to create complex 3D objects by describing a minimal set of features.

The final goal of this project is to create a library that can be used in conjunction with the Crystal Cutter application to procedurally define animation actions for the models created. This same library should then allow the stored configuration information to be "replayed" when loaded by an application linked to this library.


Ecksdee is a futuristic racer in early development, built on Crystal Space 3D SDK (CS) and Crystal Entity Layer (CEL). It is mainly developed on GNU/Linux, but due to the multi-platform nature of CS, it should build and work on *BSD, MacOS/X and Windows too.


Eridanus is a futuristic first person shooter. Designed with roleplay and customizability in mind, this project tells the story of Katarri Dektrine, a former government agent awakened from a stasis to find that his government has been dissolved, and that he is the only remnant of a once great protectorate. The storyline of the game is revealed as the player progresses throughout the game, similar to Myst.


IAEditor - Open Source dynamics based scene animation editor. With this tool you can setup physics properties of your scene (such as mass, surface parameters, joints etc.) and controllers that will make your character move using physics. Controllers use special script language, animation data, or neural network (last two options are planned for future).


Keepsake is a commercial adventure game where the mouse is used for movement much like Broken Sword. Gameplay emphasis is on puzzle solving.

Open Outcast

open Outcast is a free and portable action-adventure that wants to become the inofficial successor of the commercial game "Outcast". After the official sequel "Outcast 2" was canceled because the game studio went bankrupt, a bunch of fans decided to create their own sequel using free technology. Get yourself an impression on the progress of the project by visiting our website!

Peragro Tempus

Peragro Tempus is a unique MMORPG developed by a dedicated group of contributors. It features a rich story coupled with exciting gameplay for a truly immersive experience. It is set in a lavish world with dark forests, flourishing wildlife, flowing rivers, and rolling hills. It is a world ripe for exploration. Not only can you travel to the next inn; you can travel to the next millenium. You have three worlds to explore, each with its own culture, species and technology. Time changes things. Travel forward and what you might find is a castle turned to ruins, or a new island where there was only ocean before. Don't let the shifting desert sands lose you, this is only the beginning.


PlaneShift is a fantasy multi-player Role Playing Game with thousands of players and astonishing 3D graphics. It is one of the oldest and biggest projects using Crystal Space You can download the latest Crystal Blue tech demo release from their site.


The Seventh Game: Precursors is a rather ambitious MMORPG. It's goal is to be a story-based MMO that focuses on you, the player. The background you create for your character and the actions you take in game combine to create a 'story' that can only be experienced first-hand. We provide the universe of Precursors as the backdrop for you to live whatever your imagination can invent. Precursors is an immersive RPG environment that will leave you on the edge of you seat, unwilling to log off because you want to know what happens next. The fate of the Precursors Universe is in your hands... what story will you tell?


Primals is a singleplayer PC game, made as part of a final thesis project at the IT-University (Copenhagen, Denmark). The game was made to demonstrate the concepts of "emergence" and complexity in computergames.

The game takes place on a remote alien planet, inhabited by a several species of primitive animals (primals). As a player you control a flock of primals in their struggle to survive and evolve in the hostile environment. All animals in Primals can eat, grow larger, reproduce and fight.

The goal in Primals is to kill all other species, which makes you the dominant species, and thereby the winner. You loose the game if your primals all die and thereby become extinct.


PyCSel is a Crystal Space level/model editor written in Python.


Skruzd is a small and simple cartoon style shooting game programmed using "CrystalSpace" and "Crystal Entity Layer" 3D Game Development Kits.

The Hill

Image:thehill_logo.jpg The Hill is a single-player mountainbike game. The player controls the mountainbike through a course. The focus lies on a realistic control with nearly all the usually possible ways of controlling a real mountainbike. In addition the user should mainly have to use his skills to manage a course not primarily the speed of the mountainbike. The project though is still in early development.

Virtual Annelöv

Virtual Annelöv is a small multiplayer RPG which takes place in a reconstruction of a Bronze Age village of south of Sweden, and partially, in how the place looked during the archaeological excavations. The main goals of this application are to suggest an alternative for visiting cultural places to people with physical disabilities, and to give more public visibility to the archaeologists. Right now, the model of the environment is finished and soon it's time to try out Planeshift engine. The application has been designed in order to avoid typical problems of Virtual Environments, like idleness.


What is VOS?

Our motivation is build "The Metaverse": a shared, collaborative, dynamic, multipurpose 3D virtual environment running on an interlinked system of Internet sites. The Virtual Object System (VOS) is the software infrastructure and applications we have developed to make this vision real. Over time it has evolved and proven to be a powerful tool for a broad range of network applications, while achieving our original goal of supporting multiuser collaborative environments.

The Interreality project has worked closely with Crystal Space for many years. In addition to the Crystal Space-based VOS 3D Multiuser World Browser Ter'Angreal, we develop and maintain the Crystal Space VOS plugin which makes it extremely easy to start using VOS in your own project.

World Wide 3dWeb

Festonia is the internal codename of the World Wide 3dWeb project which is aimed at creating, well, a world-wide 3D-web! :)

The "Web" as we know it today is fundamentally 2-dimensional, made up of three crucial components namely the NameServers, WebServers and WebBrowsers.

All these components were fundamentally designed to create and show simple 2-dimensional pages over http (hypertext transfer protocol) using TCP/IP. No doubt many attempts have been made to create plug-ins for browsers that allow you to see something in 3D, or actually 2.5-d, but since these are just add-ons and the fundamental components of the Web remain the same, the quality of this so-called 3D content is usually poor and the amount of content that can be created and displayed is very limited.

A true 3D World Wide Web would require 3 things:

  1. 3D-Web Servers and 3D-Web Browsers built on a true 3D technology.
  2. A workable commercial model that would allow millions of people/companies around the world to set-up 3D Web Servers.
  3. Possibility for professionals/IT companies around the world to easily learn how to create 3D-WebSites and offer this service to their clients.

The target of project Festonia is to achieve all these things. The first alpha 0.01 version of the 3dWebBrowser has already been completed and in testing. Work on the 3DWebServer component is in progress and its planed to be released in second quarter of 2007 to all our partner companies around the world.

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