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We think Crystal Space is good. Not everyone may agree with that obviously but given that we think Crystal Space is good it often surprises us that there are still people who are active in the Open Source and gaming world and STILL never heard of Crystal Space at all. That's something that should change. Even if those people don't like Crystal Space, they should at least have a chance to evaluate it properly. And perhaps they even do like it. Who knows.

You can help promote Crystal Space. In this article I will show you a few ways that you can help us. Note that all tips below are also relevant for Crystal Entity Layer and Crystal Core of course.

Review or Write a Story about Crystal Space

Write a good and honest review or story and try to get people to read it. If it is a really good story you could try to submit it to slashdot.org, www.digg.com, or www.kuro5hin.org

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