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We are very proud to announce the 1.4 release of Crystal Space and CEL. This is the final 1.x version of Crystal Space. The next release will be 2.0 which will remove a lot of deprecated features and no longer be 100% backwards compatible. This version should be mostly compatible with 1.2.

Major Changes

Animesh Terrain2
Animesh Animesh
Animesh is a new mesh object for animated meshes, integrating vertex based animation with skeletal animation. Skeletal animations are blended together using an extensible and flexible blending tree allowing different parts of the skeleton to be influenced by different animation sequences in a controlled manner. Animesh utilizes volume preserving dual quaternion skinning to give high quality meshes when using either CPU or GPU skinning. Building on the work done in the old bruteblock terrain engine "terrain2" improves rendering and handling of large outdoor areas by providing an unified framework for efficient data loading, rendering and collision detection.
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