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This is the shader tutorial from Sebastien Marchal (avedakedavra user)


Thanks a lot to ‘res’ for answering the many questions, that made it possible for me to finnish this tutorial.

The goal of this tutorial, is to show how shaders work. We will built a silly application, that highlight meshes, which get clicked by the mouse. It is assumed, that the reader has some knowledge of ‘CG’ and CS in general. For CS, make sure you went through the simmap tutorial. After this tutorial, you should get started on:

  • How to find mesh under mouse clicks
  • Accessing mesh shaders parameters
  • Changing mesh shaders parameters
  • Shader writing using CG
  • Some information on ‘how to debug that darn shader’
  • Very basic usage of shaders in blender and blender2crystal

The pdf containing the tutorial itself is downloadable here: Image:Shader101Tutorial.pdf

A zip file containing files belonging to the tutorial: Image:Shader101Tutorial.zip

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